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HeavyGooseHeavyGoose Registered User new member
Hi guys!

First time going to Pax this year so forigve me if this is a stupid question, but ive been reading online about a thing called Pax XP. Is this an America only thing, or is it also at Pax Aus? I cant see any way to register for it?

Thanks in advance!


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    Dark KingDark King Registered User regular
    It runs at PAX Aus. There's no registration beyond getting your ticket to get in.

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    HeavyGooseHeavyGoose Registered User new member
    Oh sweet thanks for that!
    Is it something that's worth doing the hunt type thing? Or do you find it's a bit of a waste of time for the rewards?

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    branblesbranbles Registered User regular
    The rewards aren't anything special (last year was a fidget spinner) but it's a bit of fun and it'll get you across most areas of the con.

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    SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    PAX XP is essentially a game within the convention hall. There are QR codes hidden around the convention (and easily posted in reddit, facebook etc), that can be scanned by the Guidebook app and unlocks a portion of a picture. Completing the entire picture of 20 QR codes will show you a cool picture and if you head to the info desk and show that you have unlocked it, they will reward you with a small prize. Last years was a fidget spinner. It's nothing to really go out of your way for, but it is a fun addition to the con and if you happen to see one, easy to add to the collection.

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