Antique Slot Machine Restoration

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Yeah okay so I know this is a longshot, but we have such a diverse community that I figured it was worth asking, just in case someone's like "you know actually I know a guy".

My father recently passed away, and as we were going through and cleaning up his things, we came across his antique slot machine that I haven't thought about in years, despite it being one of my favorite childhood memories. My mom immediately said "Your grandpa passed that down to your dad, so it should go to you". I have no idea what brand it is or anything, it was just always "The Slot Machine", we kept a huge tub of nickles on top so people could have fun playing it whenever there was time to kill. It's one of the really classic styles of slots where the arm does a solid KA-CHUNK as you pull it down. Here's a picture:

Edit: I actually figured out what it is, it's by Comet, "5 Cent Comet Fancy Front"

The thing is, even when I loved using it as a kid, there was some dysfunction in the rollers so that what came up on the rollers had zero correlation to what you won. The last time anyone used this, probably like 10 years ago, it still worked totally fine mechanically other than those rollers being misaligned, but god only knows if the gears still work now... I would love to get this checked out and potentially restored so that its fully functional including the roller-displays actually correlating to the jackpot, BUT, I have no idea where to start. I mean I'm keeping it for the memories regardless of if I can get it restored or not, but I'd love for it to be nice again.

Antique Slot Machine Restoration is a pretty niche field it seems, and considering it weighs a ton I imagine I'd have to track one down somewhere here in California. Google leads me to a few down in the San Diego area, nothing around where I live (Just south of the Bay area), but honestly I'm just looking for general info on if getting this restored is even theoretically possible/plausible, or if I'm looking at spending a few thousand bucks on polishing a memory.


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    Check out places that do pinball machine restoration, my buddy had some of the gears on his fabricated and replaced out in Maryland. I for the life of me can't remember where, but I do remember it was heavy as fuck because he needed my help loading it on his truck.

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