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Need help with family problems

JosbeeJosbee Registered User regular
Hello. I'm the same dude from the "How to deal with my brothers being dicks" post a while back, and I've got a much worse problem now.

I've done and tried everything, except for calling the child abuse hotline. I've spoken to my father, and have spoken too my younger brother, but now my youngest brother (5 years old) is doing some pretty bad stuff. This is going to be a relatively long post, so I'll split it up into sections.

1. My Youngest Brother
I spoke to my 8 year old brother (which we shall refer to as Bert for now) and things have gotten light-years better. But it's kind of sad my father didn't intervene when I recorded him annoying and attacking us and I had to have a long talk with him myself. But now, my baby brother (Who we shall call John for the time being) thinks what he's seen Bert been doing is normal. He's constantly screaming, swearing and hitting us and we can't do shit. We can't lay a damn finger on him, even if it's just carrying him away from us.

As a matter of fact, me and Bert have recorded him doing things like this and have showed it to our father. Hell, when he saw our recording of our baby brother LITERALLY BREAKING OUR MAIDS PHONE and scratching Bert across the neck, he said it was okay. He lets him get away with things like this. He's heard him call me an asshole and didn't give one. He hits and screams at Bert everyday. It's very heart breaking to see Bert just lose his confidence and just give up. Bert can't even be safe near our parents, as John does whatever the hell he wants.

Actually, my fathers abusive behaviours seem to have caused Bert to be like this. His main punishment (which, thankfully he hasn't used within the past 3 weeks which is a record) was to beat and berate him. He thought this was normal for a very long time, but is slowly realising it isn't. He eventually got an iPad as a birthday present and it is literally a better father than the one we have now. He lacks basic reading abilities because our father hasn't bothered helping him, and I've tried, but our father just shuts it down. Speaking of abuse...

2. My Dad
One thing my father has done, as mentioned earlier, is either ignoring the fact John is spoiled or just letting it slide. Also, his most common punishment is beatings. Ranging from a smack for not doing my homework ONCE, to beating me with shoes for getting a 9 out of 10 on a spelling test, it's as if he loves seeing us sad or hurt. Alongside this bullshit, he constantly insults ad threatens us. Once, he said he would beat me "to the point of retardation" so I would end up in an asylum. Some other cases of beating and berating are;

1. Calling me a failure
2. Saying he'll put me up for adoption
3. Smacking my head into the wall for no reason
4. Literally stabbing me in the knee for saying "frick"
And much, much more. He's also done something that would count as sexual abuse but not rape that I very strongly dislike talking about. I might as well mention it, though.

Please help. I'm too worried of calling the child abuse hotline, as I might not see my mother again if it works. I might not see Bert who is much better now. We understand each other, and I realise this whole problem is because of my father. I don't want to lose my mom, or my brothers (except John).

But I'm worried I'll be caught. I don't even know my bloody address, so how do I tell them where I am? What do I do? I want to call the Kuwait Child Abuse Hotline but I'm scared. Please help


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