is my motherboard audio jack fried? e: nevermind

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I've been making a habit of swapping my speaker and headphone jacks on the back of my PC while it's running, and have now suddenly found the computer freaking out after the last time. Now no sound comes out of either the headphones or the speakers, though they are turned on and are working (the speakers play some static when I touch the jack to the case, which is normal). When I attempt to playback any audio in winamp it bugs out and softlocks if I try to close it, and if I try to play a test tone in the speaker properties it gives an error message that it failed. Windows' sound troubleshooting doesn't see anything wrong when I run that.

Have I fried the audio jack on the motherboard?

e: ok that is weird, after posting this suddenly it started working??? thanks for the help, magic tech forum :rotate:

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