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[Destiny 2] Forsaken (and the Furious): Tokyo Drifter



  • BlackDragon480BlackDragon480 Bluster Kerfuffle Master of Windy ImportRegistered User regular
    Got Trinity Ghoul from a random Reef target. Most fun I've had with a bow. Watching heads/juice boxes explode and chain lightning hits 5-6 other guys is quite satisfying.

    First they came for the Muslims and we said...NOT TODAY MOTHERFUCKERS!
  • CatalaseCatalase Registered User regular
    On a seperate note, finally managed that solo shattered throne, though not flawless. Hunter, in the end.

    "Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination."
  • OptyOpty Registered User regular
    Oh shit, that's right, it's the third week of the cycle, I almost forgot. I'm still trying to get the exotic bow from there solo and I need to beat the token boss at the ogre (and the ogre himself afterwards) still. I can't wait to get those three bounty slots back.

  • GMaster7GMaster7 Chili Dog Enthusiast Registered User regular
    edited April 29
    Back from vacation today, and work is gonna suck.

    Here's a new thread for y'all baybos.

    GMaster7 on
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