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True Dungeon Expands to THREE "enhanced" adventures this year!

TruedungeonTruedungeon Registered User new member

Please spread the word that we are back again this year -- and we are bringing three new adventures with better sets, costumes, puzzles and monsters. We sold out two events last year, so be sure to get your tickets soon! A short video and info at this link:


  • TruedungeonTruedungeon Registered User new member
    Oh...and the great guys at PAX made this nice video about the True Dungeon event:

  • JurgmanJurgman Tech Director NYC, NJ, LARegistered User regular
    Is there some method of players for matching up/ filling up groups? Last year we were a lucky rando group that got thru.

  • psyferrepsyferre Registered User new member
    edited January 2019
    Jurgman - The best way is to create an account at and log into the forums. There are a ton of threads at full of players organizing runs. The forums are also a fantastic resource for general game questions, class builds, etc.

    See you in San Antonio! (I'm TD Director of Event Ops. :) )

    psyferre on
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