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New Computer, Old iPod, same old headaches

EmperorSethEmperorSeth Registered User regular
After almost eight years, my old computer gave up the ghost, and I got a new one. I'm still doing the "get all the old things setup" shuffle, and one problem I'm seeing is getting my old iPod library, preferably including the playlists and ratings, moved from the iPod to the new computer and into iTunes intact. This isn't the first time I had to do this, but I don't remember having so much trouble finding software to do it right the last time I got a new computer. Everything I find seems to be a "free" trial or out of date. Is there a relatively easy, free way to get my stuff moved, or failing that, what's the cheapest of the paid options?

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    OrcaOrca Also known as Espressosaurus WrexRegistered User regular
    edited February 2019
    Are you running iTunes on Windows or MacOS?

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    BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    When wanting to use old hardware the best solution seems to be using old software, this then rquires using a lod operating system... it can be a pain. I have an old Sony music player that I try to keep running, but it ain't easy.

    Not knowing much about the iTunes/iPod I don't know if my tip can help, but you may want to look into running a virtual PC ie. using a program to have a old Windows running as a program on your new computer in that Windows you can then run old software as if it was your old computer. Look for VirtualBOX to get started.

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    AridholAridhol Daddliest Catch Registered User regular
    You should be able to move the library metadata files from one machine to the other manually
    Looks like it's' a bit complex.

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