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Steam Account Vanished [SOLVED]

Mmmm... Cocks...Mmmm... Cocks... Registered User regular
edited February 14 in Help / Advice Forum
Was playing some PUBG with my friends just now. We went back to the lobby and I couldn't connect for some reason. Noticed I was logged out of steam.
Tried logging back in but it would only hang. Closed Steam, tried again it would hang. Reset, and again it simply wouldn't log in. Everything else and other accounts work.

The app on my phone can't display my account, shows an error. Same if I google search my account name. The profile on steams website only shows an error.
I tried the help section on Steam, but even when I put in my user name, email, anything at all it returns an error or simply does nothing.
It's like my account has vanished from Steams servers.

Mmmm... Cocks... on


  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    Some people in the G&T Steam thread are having issues as well so it's likely a server hiccup.

    Gamertag: PrimusD | Rock Band DLC | GW:OttW - arrcd | WLD - Thortar
  • Mmmm... Cocks...Mmmm... Cocks... Registered User regular
    Well that's good news. I just now managed to log back in (thought Friends list is still borked).
    Had half a dozen friends logged in and nobody else was effected so I was really thinking the worst.

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