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Philco Record Player Issue

lee_vlee_v Registered User new member
I recently purchased a used Philco record player (exactly like this one: but I cannot get a record to play.

The main problem I'm having is that I simply can't get the record to rotate. The stylus/needle and speakers are working fine, as I carefully, quickly tested them by placing the needle on the record and manually rotating the record, which produced some sound.

The steps I take were:
Place the record on the turntable
Switch the function dial to Phono
Turn the unit on via the volume dial
--At this point, the record should be rotating, right?--

I opened up the record player from the bottom and i noticed some pieces might've been broken off, but I'm not sure how or where to intact them as they've already fallen apart.

Any one have any experience with this specific record player? Or any general rule-of-thumb record player tips?
Thank you!


  • AngelHedgieAngelHedgie Registered User regular
    It's possible that your drive belts are no longer properly tensioned, and as such are unable to turn the turntable. I'd open up the player, and see if there's any slack in them. If there is, you'll need to replace them. Also, have you confirmed that the motor is receiving power?

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  • BlindZenDriverBlindZenDriver Registered User regular
    lee_v wrote: »
    Any one have any experience with this specific record player? Or any general rule-of-thumb record player tips?
    Thank you!
    No knowledge of the player you have. However I can think of a couple of possible ways your work which isn't covered in your description.

    Many record players only start spinning once you lift the arm and move it towards the turntable - I suspect this is the case here as I think it is really a separate unit to the rest of the system which just happens to be package in one box.
    If I am correct about the separate unit thing you selecting Phono sets the system up for playing what comes on the phono input it does not control the turntable in any way. This then also means the turntable won't stop by selecting a different function, so the way to stop it is to lift the arm from the record and place it back in the idle position.
    When playing I suspect most likely the turntable will detect that the end of a record has been reached, lift the arm and place it in the idle position and stop the turntable from turning, however not all players does that and instead they just keep "playing" the final grove on records till one does the operation by hand - usually those are players whit a separate start-stop button so not likely with yours just check the first time.
    Finally there is another possible option that you start the turntable rotating. It should have a selector that lets you choose the speed, it may be that the selector has a neutral position so that when you select a speed it also signals to the player to start spinning. Note - if yours work like this it is likely what is called a fully manual unit meaning it won't stop and return the arm to the idle position when reaching the end of a record.

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