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Tabletop game trading?

WildBil52WildBil52 Registered User regular
edited March 2019 in PAX East
EDIT-For anyone looking to Trade Tabletop Games at PAX East, check out the PAX East 2019 Virtual Flea Market post on Board Game Geek -

I have a bunch of tabletop games that are on the trading block on a few different marketplace sites. One of the limiting factors with a big game is shipping costs. Since I'll be driving many of my games to PAX I was wondering if anyone knows of any Tabletop Game trading areas/events in or around PAX East. If this post breaks the "no buying/selling" rule, I'll take my slap on the wrist and see myself out.

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  • GanybytesGanybytes Registered User regular
    There really isn't a strong tabletop game trading contingent at Pax East historically. Do you have anything listed on BGG? I have the same thought each year, especially as shipping cuts more into cost each year. I always find what I can get from auctions or selling to be not worth the time. I'll at least take a look at your list if you have it somewhere.

  • WildBil52WildBil52 Registered User regular
    @GamersLikeMe-follow me, I love games and other things that are awesome.
  • GanybytesGanybytes Registered User regular
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    Oh, I should have done the same: Ironically much of what you have for trade I have or had at some point, heh. That's the other issue with trades. Good luck though! Someone needs to organize a flea market or math trade (not it) for Pax E now that it's becoming more popular with tabletop.

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  • MaawdawgMaawdawg CT, USARegistered User regular
    The last couple years there has been a Flea Market geeklist posted on BGG for PAX East. If one doesn't pop up by March I can make one. I am also trying to get a math trade done for PAX East but they haven't been able to get any matches when it was a few years ago. Anything in my BGG "for trade" is available for trade/sale with PAX East delivery as an option. I did make one trade last year at the pre-PAX game night at the Westin and a couple others in years past but not nearly as many as I would have liked.

    My games for sale/trade:

  • MaawdawgMaawdawg CT, USARegistered User regular
    There is a No Ship Math Trade up for PAX East over on BGG now. There is more info and tutorial videos for what a math trade is in the header of the list. If there are any matches the actual trading of games would be done by meeting up Saturday 3/30 at 6pm in the tabletop area.

  • MaawdawgMaawdawg CT, USARegistered User regular
    I also posted a Virtual Flea Market over on BGG if anyone wants to list some games in that. Just trying to cover all bases and maybe help some people make some trades or unload/pick up games at the convention.

  • smorggiesmorggie Boston, MARegistered User regular
    Very cool!
    I hope this isn't taking this thread too off track but can anyone recommend where to purchase board games at a discount?
    I work at a brewery and they have tasked me with building their board game collection (woo!!) so I am looking for classic games, popular games, and easy to learn party games.
    Trying to stretch the budget as far as I can, and I know these games are going to take a beating anyway, so used games are totally acceptable.

  • MaawdawgMaawdawg CT, USARegistered User regular
    There are lots of board game auctions on BGG for new and used games by users there if you know what games you are looking for. If you are going to PAX East check out the virtual flea market from BGG I posted above your reply. There are some good deals on games that can be a great start to a collection being offered by other gamers there. There will be vendors at the convention as well but I haven't found much in the way of deals in years past. The last day the of the convention CoolStuffInc's booth normally has some kind of discount off MSRP (20-40%) because they don't want to ship games back to Florida. Some single publisher booths have discounts and promotions but most booths that sell games from a mix of publishers sell at MSRP on the show floor.

    EBAY, Craigslist, and Facebook groups (if you are in a decent sized city) can also be decent ways to find a good start to a collection at a discount.

  • Samurai_KittySamurai_Kitty PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
    Antique stores can be a treasure trove of old and classic games.

  • smorggiesmorggie Boston, MARegistered User regular
    edited March 2019
    Sorry again if this is off topic, but are there any buy/sell/trade threads for games other than board/tabletop games with the intent to exchange at Pax East?

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  • MaawdawgMaawdawg CT, USARegistered User regular
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    snipped necro

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Please make a new thread for east 2020 if it's needed.

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