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Penis and enlarged Scortum

unknown2344unknown2344 Registered User new member
I used to mastrubute alot more than twice a day, on daily-frequent basis then December came around and I felt hot in my scortum(testicle) and my right leg (groin) felt warm-hot ,I went to a doctor after a couple of weeks, at start of January I went to a specialist here and they made me do blood tests,sonar on lower of stomach, and doplar on my balls. I still feel dizziness and numb tingling feeling around my stomach and usually when I sit I feel pain on my left abdomen
I am afraid that my dick got of place or my nerves got ripped that connects my penis to the testicles or swalloen,is there any significant sign that tells me that my penis may have been displaced or even broke.


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    Sorry man, but you should probably keep talking to your doctors. Nerve pain is not something you really want to fuck with internet advice for. If you saw a specialist, they might have a line for follow up questions, and some doctors offices and health care providers have messaging systems or chat systems to get information from.

    What your experiencing is beyond the conjecture of strangers to diagnose, seek out a medical professional.

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