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Learn About Your Fellow Shadow Councillors - Member of the Week Highlights!

ShinyxianShinyxian Shadow Councillor PDXRegistered User, Shadow Council Moderator regular
edited March 4 in The Shadow Council
The Shadow Council Member of the Week is a way for us to learn about our fellow Shadow Councillors! By completing the survey you're simply identifying yourself as a member of the Council, and provides the information we need to create a highlight for you! The survey asks basic things, like what the C-Team means to you, and provides you an opportunity to share any projects you're working on, if you would like. If/when you are randomly selected, we will provide you the opportunity to update your answers as needed, or retract your submission, if you no longer want to participate.

Originally we planned to do this highlight monthly, to manage the cost, but we had so many submissions we decided to switch to weekly, so we can get through everyone! Each person who is highlighted gets the opportunity to purchase a customized Shadow Council T-Shirt for $5.00 (plus shipping), created by a fellow fan. Note: these shirts are not official PA merchandise and no profit is being made for the sale of the shirts, the $5.00 simply covers some of the cost of making the shirt.

In addition to being posted here, the Gob Squad twitter @ Squadgob will send out a notification to our fellow Councillors! These announcements generally include the individual's answers to the survey, as well as pictures they choose to share with everyone.

You can complete the survey here: Shadow Council Member of the Week
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email at [email protected].

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