Jamspace Returns for East 2019!

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Knock Knock! Who’s there? MAGFest presents PAX EAST JAMSPACE 2019!!!


For 9 years, MAGFest and PAX East have come together to provide some of the raddest shows this side of the Mississippi*!
PAX East is 4 days, we have 4 days of awesome lined up for you! We have some of the best acts from the #VGM, #Chiptune and #Nerdcore communities scheduled to perform!
We also have time each day set aside for our world famous Open Jam led by some of this years Jamspace performers and other talented musicians! Want to hop on stage and play Chopsticks on the keyboard? GO FOR IT! Spoken word over a Pub G/Undertale mashup you say? We CANNOT wait to hear it! Got a song you wrote with an Atari 2600? Holy crap please yes? STEP ON UP! Wanna jam a guitar solo over music from your fav game played live? That can probably happen!

We're back in room 109AB past the Arachnid Theater.

We will be providing live entertainment all weekend, from the time the PAX doors open up until it’s time to go home. We will have games set up to play in the room as well. We even have a Merch booth for our our performers right in the room!
Can’t make it to PAX? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We’ll be streaming all weekend long on both the MAGFest Twitch and geekbeatradio! So now you have no excuses! Don’t miss out, check out the PAX East Jamspace 2019!

Video livestream provided by MAGFest Mediatron at twitch.tv/magfest

Audio livestream provided by geekbeatradio at geekbeatradio.com

Shout outs to both the geekbeatradio crew & BOSTON8BIT for helping make this happen! Thanks to PJ Scott-Blankenship and Aesídhe Pixie Ó Riain for help with artwork

(Full schedule is in the PAX Guidebook as well for your convenience!)

Thursday 28th

10:00 am Open Jam
12:30 pm changeover
1:00 pm The Electric Dugans
2:00 pm Sam Mulligan
3:00 pm Kittens Slay Dragons
4:00 pm changeover
5:00 pm Triheart / MC facepalm / KES (Kessaris Entertainment System) / Dos Cecchini Jr.- Chiptune Showcase presented by BOSTON8BIT
7:00 pm Closed

Friday 29th

10:00 am Open Jam
12:30 pm changeover (if needed)
1:00 pm Sarah Donner
2:00 pm Minusworld
3:00 pm Doug Perry And DiscoCactus
4:00 pm Videri String Quartet
5:00 pm The World is Square
6:00 pm Brick BRKer / OxygenStar / Crayondroids / Game Genie Sokolov - Chiptune Showcase presented by geekbeatradio
7:30 pm Night's Edge
8:00 pm Open Jam
9:30 pm changeover
10:00 pm Super Soul Bros. / The Koopa Kids - SUPER JAMSPACE!
12:00 am Closed

Saturday 30th

10:00 am Open Jam
12:30 pm changeover (if needed)
1:00 pm Insaneintherainmusic
2:00 pm FamilyJules
3:00 pm Lame Genie VGM
4:00 pm Math the Band
5:00 pm Gwell-O
6:00 pm Fyütch, None Like Joshua - hip hop/nerdecore showcase
9:30 pm changeover
10:00 pm LemonDrop / RoboRob - VGM dance party
12:00 am Closed

Sunday 31st

10:00 am Open Jam all day with special guests & surprises along the way!
5:00 pm Closed

*for rad shows on the other side of the Mississippi we recommend MAGWEST

(I mostly just copied this post from the Facebook Group made by Bory of geekbeatradio)

Feel free to use this thread or the FB group linked above for any questions, feedback, etc. We've got a couple acts that have been on the PAX main stage before plus many many more as you can see, so hopefully we'll see some of you there!

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