Local Shadow Council Chapters

ShinyxianShinyxian Shadow Councillor PDXRegistered User, Shadow Council Moderator regular
We have a great community full of awesome internet friends, but what if those friends could be real-life friends?!

Creating local Shadow Council "chapters" allows us to more easily connect with local C-Team fans who may share other interests as well. We created the Portland Shadow Council chapter in September 2018 and found that we have over 20 members in or around the Portland area! Since we created this group we have been able to schedule several meetups, worked together on creative projects and made new local friends that we get to hang out with on a regular basis!

If you would like help setting up your own local "chapter", feel free to reach out to us at GobboSquad@gmail.com and we will work together to get it set up and find your own local Shadow Council buddies! If you would like to see what the discord is like, feel free to pop in and visit!

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