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Work appropriate Health and Wellness literature

Romantic UndeadRomantic Undead Registered User regular
Hi guys!

I recently signed up as a member of my work's health and wellness network, and I've been asked to find some literature to help stock our anemic library on the subject matter.

I am, of course, conducting my own research on this, but I thought it couldn't hurt to send out a note to the awesome people of H/A to see if you have any recommendations.

Audience is government employees looking to do some light reading on the subject during breaks. Ideal literature would be breezy reads that can be picked up casually, not in-depth research papers. That said, a certain amount of rigor is expected, as such we prefer to veer away from alternative or holistic medicines; no offense to any adherants. As a government office, we do hold a measure of accountability, so any health recommendations made in the literature should be supported by reputable sources. I hope you understand.

I'm in Canada, so super awesome bonus points if your recommendations come in both English and French editions!

Thanks for any recommendations!

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