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Bob Bop Pop & Bob Bop Pop Free

VooDoo ChickenVooDoo Chicken Registered User new member
Hi, this is a game about popping balls by bopping them, somehow inspired in classic arcades (asteroids mainly), though its got no shooting; you may get some asteroids feel when you have to avoid balls everywhere tough. It may also suit people with interests in pinball machines. Is mostly a time waster to keep you distracted while you wait in queue

here some gameplay videos:

available both for ios and android ($0.99 at the moment of writing this post), and also a free version (with ads) for android (Bob Bop Pop Free)

Google Play, $0.99:
Google Play, free with ads:
Apple App Store:

Also available on Amazon for Kindle devices (search for Bob Bop Pop)

Happy poppin'


  • PocketRoguesPocketRogues Registered User new member
    Looks interesting!

  • VooDoo ChickenVooDoo Chicken Registered User new member
    tnx! it was intended as something with simple mechanics, that you could start from zero anytime (without saving games or retake the game you left long ago), that you could play anywhere

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