Comic books are my hobby

Max23Max23 Registered User new member
Hey guys, urologist here! I'm currently creating this comic book, right? About the patients I see every day, you dig? I really need you to share some funny stories with me, I'll use them in the first issue, right? :)


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    see317see317 Registered User regular
    So, I'm a touch confused here. I'll admit I don't read too many comics anymore, so I may have fallen out of the loop somewhat since back in the day.

    Since you're a urologist, what stories about your patient interactions would I possibly want to read in a graphic format?
    Then, I'm also wondering which of your patients I might already have funny stories about to share.

    Then there's a tiny voice in the back of my head screaming "HIPAA" over and over.

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    WhippyWhippy Moderator, Admin Emeritus Admin Emeritus
    no, I do not dig

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