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PAX Yeast 2019 Beer Gala/Swap

ViolentMustardViolentMustard Registered User regular
Hello everyone!

PAX Yeast is almost here! What is PAX Yeast, you ask? Well, it's a few of us who take the yearly opportunity (5 years running!) to get together during PAX East, taste some awesome craft beers from different locales, and swap bottles with other members. I'm sure there will also be some games, too.

It's taking place on Saturday, March 30, at the Element. @Cataleptical (Dennis) and @ViolentMustard (Kristin) will be hosting again.

How does it work?
Bring a six pack or two of your favorite local craft beer. We’ll put all the beers in a pile, and you’ll get take home roughly the same number of beers you brought (we might open some to try!). You can also bring a 750-mL bomber or two for tasting. Do you home brew? Bring it along! We'd love to try it.

Any food?
There will definitely be snacks. We're also planning to have some pizzas delivered. However, if you're going to eat, chipping in a few bucks would be appreciated.

What else should I know?
- 21+. Sorry, but we can't accommodate any underage PAXers, even if they stay sober. It's just too risky.
- This is NEITHER a PAX-sponsored party NOR any other sanctioned party (which is why it's not on the party list).
- We'd like to keep this as a small, curated group. It's more of a gathering than a party.

How do I get in?
Head on over to our Facebook group and join up. This is a private group and will be used to post the room location and other important information. (If you don't have Facebook, DM @Cataleptical and we'll work something out.) There, you'll find the sign-up sheet where you can add your name, your +1, and what beers you're bringing.

Only a few slots remain, so get in while you can. We hope to see you there!



  • revengeancefulrevengeanceful Registered User regular
    Just requested an invite to the Facebook group. Not 100% that I'll be able to make it, but will do my best!

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