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PAX East 2019 Weather Thread

CabadrinCabadrin Boston, MARegistered User regular
Welcome to PAX week! As a Bostonian, I figured I'd kick off a thread on this week's weather and what clothing to wear. The short answer is ...

Nobody knows!

Seriously, Boston March weather can change instantly. There are times where 1 inch of predicted snow turns into 10 inches, or a windy 35 degree day turns into a sunny 55 degree wonderland. But, according to accuweather, it will likely be quite a nice weekend.

Thursday looks to be a breezy low-50s day, with the sun out and little chance of rain. I'd recommend long pants, a hoodie or windbreaker-style jacket (probably not down unless you are not used to these temps), and regular shoes. Friday looks like it's beautiful, partly sunny with a high of 61. Long sleeves like a hoodie feels perfect for this day. Saturday looks amazing, 65 and sunny, so REVEL in this weather and wear thinner long sleeves or maybe even - gasp - a t-shirt. And lastly Sunday looks chillier later in the day, with the high still being 60 but with rain in the forecast.

In general, it's not going to be t-shirt and shorts weather, though it may be thinner long sleeve weather. The city should be alive as we start to come out of our winter shells, and I expect the lawn on D (right outside the BCEC) and the waterfront to be full of people enjoying the weather. And remember that the nights will still be chilly, with temperatures in the 30s or 40s.

A reminder about coats: The BCEC does have coat checks set up in the convention center, so you can check bulky items or luggage there. It's a few dollars to do so. If you're from a warmer climate and the above temperatures seem cold, don't worry - you can wear a larger coat just in case, and leave it there during the show.

If you have any questions about weather, feel free to post below.



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    revengeancefulrevengeanceful Registered User regular
    For late March, this is about as good of weather as we could have hoped for. I'm stoked that we won't be marching around in slush and leftover snow or freezing cold temperatures as in some prior March Easts.

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    havok978havok978 Baltimore, MdRegistered User regular
    edited March 2019
    I'm packing for all occassions. In all my years of attending PAX East, I've seen spring weather, snowstorms, and high ass winds. Sometimes combinations of those in the same weekend. I'm not saying I'm packing a winter coat, but I've learned to never take any chances with Boston.

    havok978 on
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    pakopakopakopako Registered User regular
    Expect high-ass winds if you walk by the river (heading west) or near the bay (north).

    But yes, very grateful for no slush and snow.

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    GhostDanGhostDan Registered User regular
    There's also a really good chance of slush and such, especially in the mornings, as temps can go below freezing overnight.

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    jayh0vajayh0va Registered User regular
    pakopako wrote: »
    Expect high-ass winds if you walk by the river (heading west) or near the bay (north).

    THIS! The winds over Fort Point Channel have been insane. We walked over that my second year attending PAX and it was a strong contributor to me never staying west of the Channel again...

    Really pleased to see the forecast this year but it also means brutal lines for the food trucks. Two years ago when it was like 10, we walked right up and got food. (side anecdote: it was so damn cold that the soda I bought from the truck froze instantly when I released the pressure)

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