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["Celebrity"] Wil Wheaton Sucks

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I'm bringing this up here because my first ever exposure to Wil Wheaton was actually through Penny Aracade, not Star Trek. I've watched a handful of episodes of TNG, but never encountered the character of Wesley Crusher, nor do I think I'd remember the character if I did. No, my first exposure was through Penny Arcade. Can't for the life of me find the exact comic, but I remember he appeared and said "don't be a dick"...seemed like a phrase I could get behind, and he went up one peg in my book. Since then my estimation of the man has only gotten precipitously worse.

I was exposed to his "acting". I don't know if it is acting. He seems to play the same character in everything. In "The Guild" webseries he plays a smug alpha-nerd asshole...then in "The Big Bang Theory" he plays a smug alpha-nerd asshole. Is that all he can do? I guess I wouldn't mind, but I don't think he even does it well. At the time this prompted me to do further research on Wil...exposing that his only mainstream role ever was basically just TNG...and he's been parlaying that into a "career" ever since. This made me hate him quite a bit, as it just felt like he's been coasting off one moderate success his entire life.

After I was already soured on Wil because of his acting, he then exposed himself as an SJW shitlord. First off he left Twitter in protest...a protest sparked from Alex Jones NOT being basically Wil is pro-censorship. Ironically Jones was banned soonafter making his little protest a moot point. He then fled to Mastodon, where he actually found out he wasn't SJW enough and was run off the platform for supposedly being anti-trans, which was hilarious. That was the last I heard for a while.

Now we've reached Wil Wheaton: Endgame...and he has snapped away the last half of the shred of respect I had for him. Despite being "done with social media" apparently Wil doesn't consider Facebook to be social media...because he's still active on that platform...and he comes out with this hot take on Pewdiepie. Basically Facebook recommended a Pewdiepie group to him and this prompts him to call Felix a "racist, piece of shit bigot"...which to me harkens back to J.K. Rowling's similar hot take a while basically Wil is about as stupid and out-of-touch as Rowling, which is actually fitting because both of them seem to be dumbass virtue-signaling SJWs.

At any rate...Wil just seems like a terrible guy. His "don't be a dick" slogan seems bitterly ironic at this point, and should no longer be associated with him, because he has become the very dick he advised against being. I don't know why we are supposed to like or respect this guy...he is among the many D-List celebrities that nerddom is supposed to adore because they happen to play DnD...oh and he was in a show once...well all I can say is fuck that and fuck Wil.

So what about you guys? Approve of Wil or not?

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    Maybe come back with something better than "SJW shitlord" or "virtue-signaling SJWs."

    And in the mean time, consider reading the rules at the top of the forum.

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