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Minuteman Miniatures

jonathanflaviusjonathanflavius Registered User regular
With the new date of Unplugged being formally announced I started to look back at last years event and I remembered Minuteman Miniatures. I remember getting scanned, and asking for my face to be put on a necromancer body - but I haven't heard word one from them since. I'm writing them a letter now, but am I the only one who hasn't received his miniature yet? If others have, then I won't worry that I've been scammed.



  • sabbz12sabbz12 Registered User new member
    I had the same problem. After gen con last year they were very bogged down with way too many orders and it took me from early August until the end of December to get mine. I had to email and message them on Facebook to get my order going. Try finding their Facebook and messaging them there. They did respond and apologize. They can at least confirm that they still have your order and are working on it. I was happy with the product and it did have my face it just took a very long time to receive.

  • dbensondbenson Registered User new member
    I have never received the mini I ordered at last year's Pax Unplugged. I have tried numerous times to reach them to no avail.

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