Help me understand an Invincible Iron Man timeline

spool32spool32 Contrary LibraryRegistered User regular
So I'm reading Iron Man comics because he's awesome. Specifically Fraction & Larroca's Invincible Iron Man '08. Somewhere between issues 19 and 25, Norman Osborn seems to disappear and HAMMER is in the shitter, but I have no idea how or where that happened. Obviously something occurred during the "Stark Disassembled" sequence (20-25) but what? Where?


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    BogartBogart Streetwise Hercules Registered User, Moderator Mod Emeritus
    That’ll be Siege, I think, the crossover event that did for Dark Reign.

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    emnmnmeemnmnme Registered User regular
    Dark Reign was an event. Can events have events?

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    Dizzy DDizzy D NetherlandsRegistered User regular
    Depends on what you call an event. The crossover Secret Invasion ends with Norman in power. The period following that is Dark Reign, which ends with the crossover Siege, which sets off the Heroic Age, which puts the heroes back on top and united against villains.

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