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PAX Unplugged 2019 Vegan Eats in Philly

MelCMelC Registered User new member
Here's a short list of vegan options available while in Philadelphia...there are more to find, but hopefully this will get you started!


  • MelCMelC Registered User new member
  • hailtothekalehailtothekale Registered User regular
    Word came out this week that Honest Tom's will no longer be 100% vegan starting next month. I'd be surprised if they didn't include a couple vegan options on the new menu, though.

    I'm gonna recommend Khyber Pass in Old City. Love their vegan fried chicken and bbq pulled pork sandwiches. Also, there's a Dottie's Donuts on 6th near South now! (right next to where Blackbird used to be... :( )

  • BigDumbHippyBigDumbHippy Registered User regular
    A new game cafe opened called Queen and Rook Cafe. The menu is all vegetarian and vegan, It's FANTASTIC and they have great selection of games.

  • jimtwojimtwo Registered User new member
    New Harmony closed a few weeks ago, unfortunately.

  • coflroptercoflropter Registered User regular
    BurgerFi (almost directly across the street from the con on 12th has the Beyond Burger too.

  • SchmulkiSchmulki Registered User regular
    I'm not vegan, but just a couple of notes:

    1) A lot of the listed places are quite far away. You're either driving, getting a Lyft, or walking multiple miles from the convention center.

    2) There's a LOT of veggie-centric stuff in Chinatown (which is right there). Again, not vegan, so I'm not sure if like some places use butter or cream in dishes which are otherwise all veggies, but it's just a thing to consider.

    3) Keep in mind that places like BurgerFi, which are right across from the convention center, are going to be a madhouse for much of the weekend. Expect long waits.

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