ID Help - Star Trek Console style tablet game

MorganVMorganV Registered User regular
I remember seeing a game not that long ago, where everyone has a tablet or smartphone with a star trek style console on it, but a mishmash of controls, and tasks were issued (reverse polarity on the deflector dish), and people had to figure out who had the deflector dish control on their console, and press the reverse polarity button. Then a new task shows up, and again, people are scrambling to figure out if they're the one in control. It requires some kind of wireless connection (wifi or bluetooth?), and looked like a lot of fun.

It's not Artemis, that's a more realistic version, this was absolutely nothing serious.

I've spent an hour on Google doing varying searches, but can't seem to hit the right combination of search paramaters. Putting in android gets me "Data the android" results. Console gets me PS4/XBox results. It's been annoying as hell. Anything with "star trek" gets me on the wrong track, or only official games.

Anyone got any idea what I'm talking about?


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