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Looking to makes someone's experience better

kebarretkebarret Registered User new member
I have a friend that kinda means the world to me. She's headed up to see acquisitions Incorporated Sunday.

I don't actually know much about Pax, but her birthday is beforehand, so my idea is to get her something special to add to her experience at Pax.

She's 24 and obsessed with DnD edition 2 and 5. A bit goth and emo. Listens to my chemical romance sort of thing. Please let me know your ideas. Doesn't have to be gifts. Experiences are great, too.

I'd Especially like to know if it's worth getting her a chance to get autographs from the players or if that's even going to be a thing.


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    there is usually a signing session for the acq inc staff during the show. keep your eyes open for the schedule in a few weeks, it will be on there eventually. Sometimes the signings are on the schedule right away, so be patient.

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    ctiwolfctiwolf Registered User regular
    Im not one for autographs personally but you would know your friend better. If she likes d&d some people would love the true dungeon experience but i think the double tickets were sold out early so you would have to buy second hand

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    LackeyLackey [E] PAX Tabletop Tournaments Registered User regular
    The D&D Adventurer's League will be running D&D 5th Edition games throughout the show. But keep your ears open for a special event they often do called an Epic. Epics are simultaneous, interconnected D&D games, where there might be 12 or so tables, each going on an adventure that's part of one great big larger story that comes together at the end. I don't know *if* the Adventurer's League organizers are running an Epic at PAX West, and if so, which evening it would be (Friday or Saturday nights are the most likely times). It usually takes about 4 hours, and she'd have to be comfortable playing at a table with people new to her (and you), and have a character that meets the rules of being legal to use in Adventurer's League D&D games.

    They usually post information about D&DAL content at PAX West here on the forum sometime in August.

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