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[DnD 5e] Guidance on increasing level of the Acq Inc published adventure

NeoNeo Registered User regular
I've been playing D&D for many years but don't have much direct DM'ing experience. I got the new Acq Inc D&D book and want to run the adventure for my players but there is interest (and willingness on my part) to either start the party at a higher character level or do a rapid level progression up to about level 5.

I'm looking for advice to successfully adapt the provided adventure in the book to higher character levels and retain a good balance of challenge and entertainment. Should I just level the enemies as needed and add some points to the DC's required or do I need to be more thorough? Especially as I get to sections of the adventure that assumes the players will be level 2 or 3 but they are actually 5 or 6 I figure the disparity will become significant. Just looking to be pointed in the right direction so it remains engaging and not frustratingly difficult nor boringly trivial or even losing the flavor of a starting Acquisitions Incorporated adventure.


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