@'s don't work with curly quotes

For a person with a multi-word name, you have to put quotation marks around their name to @ them. But only straight quotes will work, curly quotes don't. This results in failed mentions, especially on iOS, where quotes are made curly automatically.

For example: @Fruit Fucker 2000 works. but @“Fruit Fucker 2000” doesn't

(My last report for a while, I promise!)

“‘I don’t want Trump to be president,’ [Tara] Reade told Vox. But...she won’t be voting for Biden. ‘If he’s my president, I just can’t fathom it.’ – Vox


  • HevachHevach Registered User regular
    This particular one is likely by design. Curly quotes are different characters (U+201C and U+201D, vs. straight quotes U+0022).

    It's much like an escape character in a programming or scripting language - in plenty of cases there are other grammatically identical characters, but functions aren't duplicated across them.

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