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Pepperflash? Annoying text in corner of screen?

DemonStaceyDemonStacey TTODewback's DaughterIn love with the TaySwayRegistered User regular
Hello all!

Maybe you guys can help me with an ongoing issue I have.

When I fullscreen something like twitch I run into an issue(that sometimes get fixed for awhile) where a small bar of text pops up every so often in the bottom left of the screen. It usually says something about loading the page and has a URL.

Googling this issue always brings me back to people saying you need to disable pepperflash. But the instructions to find said pepperflash never work. They tell me to go to the Chrome plugins of which the address no longer works and if I go to the current plugins page nothing there says anything about pepperflash. I have tried search through the Chrome folders for the pepperflash file itself to no avail.

So, any tips? Any other way to fix this incredibly annoying issue? Any better way to easily find and disable this pepperflash?

Thanks in advance.

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