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South 2020 Room Share - READ THE OP BEFORE POSTING

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
Post here if you are looking to share your room, or looking for a room to share. Please keep your posts up to date!


You get ONE post in this thread per UNIQUE room share situation. Do not re-post your offer/request. Re-posts will be deleted if not pre-approved by moderation staff.

If you need to modify your post and cannot edit it yourself (accounts below a certain participation threshold), PM me and I will make the edit for you. Not having permission to edit is not a valid excuse for re-posting.

If you *really* think you have a good reason to post for a second time, PM me first.


If you have a room and want to fill space, use this format:



Total Cost:
Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Number of Spots Available:
My Gender
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes/Requests:


If you are looking for a place to sleep, use this format:


Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Spots Needed:
My Gender:
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes:


I will occasionally cull posts from the thread that have been struck out or marked as no longer valid. I will try to do this as necessary, but there will not be a hard schedule for this purpose. This will mean that there should not be a wall of inactive posts to sift through in order to find active ones. Also it means that if someone had a post that was culled from early on, they can freely re-post it later if things went south. If you abuse this, your ability to post in this thread will be revoked entirely.


  • StinkyTurdStinkyTurd Registered User regular
    edited December 2019

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  • beibeenbeibeen Registered User regular
    edited December 2019

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  • AshTRAshTR Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    edited November 2019

    Hotel: SpringHill Suites by Marriott San Antonio Alamo Plaza/Convention Center
    Total Cost: $533.36 (so $88.90 with a 6-way split, $133.34 with a 4-way split)
    Date Arriving: Thursday 1/16
    Date Leaving: Monday 1/20
    Number of Spots Available: 5 max, 3 minimum
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Any, will make best effort if female to make sure two women are in the same bed.
    Best Contact Method: Twitter at same handle or Discord at AshTR#0001 are your best bet, but pretty much any of the handles in my profile are good for contacting me.

    Additional Notes/Requests: The room consists of two queens and a sofa bed, plus free breakfast and a fridge in the room (it is a suite after all). I got the rate I did because of corporate discount. If you snore, you're probably getting the sofa bed, I can't sleep through snoring.

    AshTR on
  • BlackNappa101BlackNappa101 Registered User new member
    NEED SPACE: PAX South 2020

    Date Arriving: 1/16/19
    Date Leaving: 1/20/19
    Spots Needed: 1
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter?
    Best Contact Method: Twitter

    Additional Notes:
    I'm looking for a spot to stay in for the duration of PAX, although to be quite honest I'll seldomly be in the room. It'll mainly be for me to sleep and such. Im not too picky with where i sleep as long as we respect each other's space in the room.

  • ybreezyybreezy Registered User new member

    Hotel: AirBnB
    Total Cost: $190
    Date Arriving: 1/16/20
    Date Leaving: 1/20/20
    Number of Spots Available: 3
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method: Msg me on this platform or add me on discord tlmeru#7732

    Additional Notes/Requests: The house is ~5 min uber ride from the convention center. There are 3 bedrooms - 1 of the bedrooms is already rented out. The other 2 both has a queen bed and there is a sofa bed too. Bed preferences will be given to couples or those who do not mind sharing. Worst case scenario you will have the sofa bed to yourself. All are welcome as long as you bring good vibes :D

  • ColdguyColdguy Registered User regular

    Hotel: Hotel Contessa
    Total Cost: 921.16 or $231 for 4 people
    Date Arriving: 1/16
    Date Leaving: 1/19
    Number of Spots Available: 3
    My Gender: He/Them
    Your Gender: Do not care
    Best Contact Method: email [email protected] or Coldguy#7956 on Discord

    Looking for a 4 way split of the room, willing to do 3 way if all people agree. Not a party room, just a place to sleep, shower and get to the convention. Been attending south for the past 4 years let me know if you would like to know any information from me.

  • Kayla MercerKayla Mercer Streamer Yakima, waRegistered User new member
    Hotel: Red Roof PLUS+
    Total Cost: $620. Split 4 ways $155.
    Date Arriving: 1-15
    Date Leaving: 1-21
    Number of Spots Available: 3
    My Gender: Female
    Your Gender: Doesn’t matter.
    Best Contact Method: Twitter @atrolynnrae

    Additional Notes/Requests: hotel is an 8 minute walk to the convention. I had someone bail on me so now I’m pretty desperate, can’t afford it on my own and can’t cancel...

  • Blah64Blah64 Registered User regular
    edited January 2020

    Hotel: San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk
    Total Cost: $455 (I am getting the room regardless of any roommates, so pay whatever you are able)
    Date Arriving: 1/17
    Date Leaving: 1/19
    Number of Spots Available:1-3
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Whatever
    Best Contact Method: email: [email protected] or Discord: Blah64#6464

    Additional Notes/Requests:
    -Hotel is across the street from the convention.

    Blah64 on
  • Sanji HimuraSanji Himura Registered User new member
    edited December 2019
    Have Space!!!

    Hotel: Motel 6 San Antonio at Ft. Sam Houston
    Total Cost: $176 (split evenly with the number of people attending)
    Date Arriving: 1/16/2020
    Date Leaving: 1/20/2020
    Number of Spots Available: 1 bed, 2 floor spots
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method:

    Additional Notes/Requests:

    Check-in will be well after 10 pm on the 16th. My train will not arrive until that time. If you are also arriving on Amtrak, then that is a very nice bonus.

    I will ship out at 5 am on the 20th. Please have your stuff ready to go at that time

    zerzhul on
  • msmgoinsmsmgoins Registered User new member

    Hotel: N/A - Airbnb close to the convention center
    Total Cost: $240 (my cost) your cost is half of that.
    Date Arriving: 1-17-2020
    Date Leaving: 1-19-2020
    Number of Spots Available: 1 bedroom, living room
    My Gender: 1 Male and 1 Female
    Your Gender: we don't care
    Best Contact Method: e-mail [email protected]

    Additional Notes/Requests:
    This is an entire 2 bedroom house. My boyfriend and I are staying in 1 room and you (or y'all) can have the other one :) We're pretty chill, we're down to clown (or not, if you prefer solitude). I assume there's a kitchen and living room or other common areas as well.

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