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Club PA guide or FAQ?

dennisdennis Registered User regular
(Don't know where else to put this, since you can't create topics in the hub, which is "the home of all our Penny Arcade related discussion".)

Is there some sort of guide or FAQ to Club PA anywhere? I put off joining for a long time but finally ponied up after really thinking about all the content the PA folks are making available. But when I actually got access I was surprised at how scattered and undocumented everything was. Or maybe I'm just being dumb and not finding the information. I looked and I don't see any kind of PA-centric welcome email. Maybe I stupidly deleted it.

I figured out the "SIGN IN WITH PATREON" link at the top (At least that wasn't beyond my intelligence. Even though "sign into Club PA" might have made a lot more sense...) But as near as I can tell all that's for is a) no ads and b) early access to the comic if it's posted and c) high res download. I still have yet to find the RSS feed ("Full Comic & News Post in RSS Feed").

Is everything else is just dumped into the patreon interface? The DLC podcast doesn't seem to in any way be interfaced with the actual DLC podcast webpage on the site. It still just abruptly terminates when they switched to Club PA-only. This was a thing which I didn't figure out for months until I just asked Jerry about it on the stream one day. It just looks like they stopped posting it, since there's nothing there that says new episodes are only available to Club PA members. Would be awesome if that page just let you see further seasons if you were signed into Club PA and if not had a "Club PA Only" button.

Would be more awesome if there was a better interface than the patreon infinite scroll. I feel like I'll probably not take advantage of a lot of the content just because it's just not a great site design to catch up on stuff. The tags help, but often things are mixed together (like for Court of Cups, you have video embeds, podcast links, and just general posts about CoC). I thought it was cool that I could download the C Team podcast ad-free (well, mostly - I actually finds the ads pretty funny, just not the dozenth time), but then the table talk link isn't there so I just skip it since I have to go to the acq-inc site anyway.

I have only been subscribed since May, so I'm not sure about when things like the site coupon on the pins go out. Oh, and the discord server? I've googled a bit but I keep finding really old threads about it, PAX discord servers, etc.

I didn't want this to sound like a rant. I realize that it costs time to spend on integrating and maintaining features on the website and that patreon is an easy place to just dump stuff on. I do wish it was on the site though, but it's probably a bit like wishing for a pony (still waiting on that one). But at a first step, maybe just a guide or a FAQ would be nice.

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