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Parking Question

mgold2102mgold2102 Registered User new member
Hi everyone,

My partner and I are attending and are doing all 4 days. What are some parking strategies you all have used in the past? It looks like it's about 20-30 a day if you're staying from 10 AM to about 8 PM.




  • RavenHuskyRavenHusky Registered User regular
    edited August 10
    Park at the closest Light Rail station, and take the Light Rail into downtown Seattle. Significantly cheaper than parking at the convention center, but the downside is that you won't have much access to your car.

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  • forbiddenvoidforbiddenvoid Cupertino, CARegistered User regular
    RavenHusky wrote: »
    Park at the closest Light Rail station, and take the Light Rail into downtown Seattle. Significantly cheaper than parking at the convention center, but the downside is that you won't have much access to your car.

    To be fair, you probably won't need much access to a car until you're ready to leave for the day.

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  • PavioPavio Registered User regular
    My group for about 6 years in a row parked each day across from the convention center at the parking in the same block as the Grand Hyatt (one of our group moved away from Seattle area last year so we get hotels now). We always arrived by 9 and were always able to find a spot. I don't remember the exact pricing, but it was good compared to a lot of parking in the area and about the same as the convention center itself. It also meant we could stay until things closed at midnight and it was never an issue getting to our car.

  • Captain Ironsides Captain Ironsides Registered User regular
    When I went to West in 2011 I legit found places to park and sleep in my car, and found it towed from Pikes Place Market one day when I came back to it in the afternoon. Had to call a former friend to have him wire transfer me some money he already owed me to pay the tow fee. Had a guy offer me hash at PPM, too. It was an '85 Corvette with bald tires that I revved and burned out in front of the WSCC that year, which got a few cheers. This was back when I was much more naive and in the military stationed across the channel and had no money for a place to stay without driving over an hour to and from base super early and late. I had even just driven back up from California that Thursday night and fell asleep in line waiting for the ferry and getting off, both times being woken up by staff because I was holding up the line. Fun times.

  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    Spot Hero...the parking garage next to the convention center was low $20 a day.

  • midnamidna Greater Seattle AreaRegistered User regular
    Spot Hero...the parking garage next to the convention center was low $20 a day.

    I cannot stress how much I LOVE SpotHero enough. It's an app you download to your phone, and reserve parking (up to) many weeks in advance. It might sound kind of sketchy, but it's only at participating parking garages, so it's legit. I've used it for every major convention in the Seattle area since Emerald City Comic Con 2018, and it's never failed me; I always have a spot and I never have to pay anything extra upon leaving the garage. You can usually find even lower rates on SpotHero, because (for whatever reason) parking garages don't acknowledge that there is an event happening on the app, so they'll charge their weekend rates. For example, just now I checked for parking on Saturday from 8:30am to 11:00pm and there is a garage two blocks away for $7!

    I already have all my parking for Sunday and Monday, and it cost me a big $25 for both days combined, with hours from 8am to 12am and 8am to 10pm. Truly, this app is a lifesaver and I highly recommend it for sports events, conventions, theaters, etc.

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  • Kaollasu78Kaollasu78 Registered User regular
    The parking garage next to Gameworks entrance is cheapest on weekdays, you can find pricing online. Also, little know fact it seems, most Amazon buildings have FREE public parking after 4pm weekdays and FREE weekends. Amazon Doppler is the one we park at, shortest walk and has a Sbux for those coffee addicts :D

  • SweetCosmicPopeSweetCosmicPope Just Some Dude Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
    DO NOT park at the convention center. We parked there in 2017 and it was 40 bucks! If you park up on Capitol Hill/Broadway, it's going to cost about half that for the whole day, but you're going to have to hoof it uphill at the end of the day. I'm fortunate I work on Broadway, so I just park there for free.

  • kube00kube00 SE WA StateRegistered User regular
    I have used the SpotHero app before I'll have to give it another go

    1st PAX was Prime 2010. Made it to several more Primes/West. Been to East and South. Headed back to West in 2019 for my 12th PAX.

  • mgold2102mgold2102 Registered User new member
    Nice! Thanks so much guys, I will check out SpotHero.

  • MiddyBotMiddyBot Registered User regular
    Any recommendation about parking overnight at somewhere reasonably inexpensive? My friends and I are driving down from Canada, and are trying to look for cheaper options compared to last year.

  • MrBroadstoneMrBroadstone Registered User regular
    Just park at airport. Walk or bus to local stuff.

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