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davobahdavobah Registered User regular






  • SweetCosmicPopeSweetCosmicPope Just Some Dude Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
    Nice. I walked by early yesterday to scope things out and the only thing I saw up was one cardboard cutout and the signs on the door saying that access would be limited over the weekend. This is nice to see.

  • MiddyBotMiddyBot Registered User regular
    Is anything taking up the lot by the Olive 8? :o just curious!

  • midnamidna Greater Seattle AreaRegistered User regular
    All I read at first was "For Epic The Win" :(


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  • davobahdavobah Registered User regular
    Nothing on the lot as of Tuesday night when I took the photos. They still have a banner from last year up there though. :o


  • anettie76anettie76 OregonRegistered User regular
    MiddyBot wrote: »
    Is anything taking up the lot by the Olive 8? :o just curious!

    Are you talking about where Fortnite was last year? If so, as of tonight (Wednesday) it was just a parking lot. Nothing was being set up. ☹️

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