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PS4 PRO Just Stopped Working Working, This Does Not Seems Like A Durable Console

TokiyoRioTokiyoRio Registered User new member
My PS2 still works to this day, my first PS3 worked 8 years before being unusable, and my PS4 Pro has lasted barely a year and 11 months (bought it in September 2017). It is a piece of hardware that, for its price and release date, should be durable, not already to throw in the thrash. I always kept it clean any time I had the oppurtunity, I used for like 5 hours a day maximum and now it doesn't work? Not just the disc player, but the console starts and all I get is a dark screen, then the re-boot screen and then simply doesn't go anywhere ! It even turned itself off the first time I tried to make run again. The PS4, if it has this durability, it is not worth the price, not even discounted or with videogames included.


  • SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
    I went through 3 PS2s and 4 years, and I missed the class-action lawsuit, so that should not be your reference point for a durable console.

    Anecdotes aside, at just under two years I think you have reasonable grounds to contact Sony direct (via phone) with the usual info (date and proof of purchase, the unit's serial number, etc.) and request a repair or replacement. In all fairness, it sounds like you have a defective unit, which happens with consoles (it happened on the PS2, hence that lawsuit). It's worth a try--and even if it that doesn't work, you could bring it to a local repair shop (Playstation 4 console repairs on the whole should be common enough, even if more of them are the basic units).

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