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    McFodderMcFodder Registered User regular
    Going to throw out a recommendation for Unspottable - on pretty much all platforms, 4 players simultaneous.

    I'd seen the trailer a while back and it popped up while we were looking at a video on another game, grabbed it on a whim for our latest game night along with a few others (Cake Bash and Luigi's Mansion 3 + Multiplayer pack) and this was definitely the hit of the night. Rounds run the full range from slapstick to tense, a good variety of levels that all play a little differently, with some having objectives other than just find and punch the other players.

    Also just realised it's almost a year since we picked up Boomerang Fu and that has been the go-to game since then. We've also gotten most of the way through Super Mario 3D World with my brother-in-law and his wife too - at times I think it'd be a lot easier doing some levels solo, but also much less chaotic fun.

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