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Missed the Aus Game Show Panel? Here's the upload you've been looking for.

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edited October 2019 in Pinny Arcade
During PAX Aus 2019 I had the privilege to create a game show style panel. With our wonderful host Interesting_Mix and our fine panelists in Agent_Cooper, Sachiisez, Sennohki and Aussieben, not to mention our third team members pulled from the audience and our secret fourth team members in Luckycharm and FishFishMonkeyHat we managed to hopefully entertain and enlighten. In the days leading up to the panel I admit being anxious and unsure if we were able to pull it off. And thankfully, with only some minor hiccups, we did. The camaraderie and fun banter on stage was great to see.

That said, I always stated from the beginning that while I was creating something for this show, I wanted to have it available for anyone to remix and make it their own. Perhaps you enjoyed the worksheet and wanted to see if you can beat our panellists? Maybe you enjoyed the find the pin segment and want to search that image for yourself? Maybe you wanted to check out the fourth Family Feud question which had to be cut short due to time? Or maybe you missed the panel and want to see what the fuss is about?

In any case, I've uploaded a new folder to my google drive, called "Available for free to Public". That pretty much sums it up.

You can find the 2 Powerpoints, the survey results and the worksheet here:

All the music, sound effects and animations are hard coded into the Powerpoint, so you should get the same results as we did on the day.

If you wish to take the Worksheet and complete it under the same conditions as Fish and Lucky did, they were given 10 minutes to complete the sheet and were unable to get any help or use any device - so no looking up Pinnypals etc.

For the record, their scores were: Luckycharm "25" and Fishfishmonkeyhat "21". The top available score for this worksheet is "44".

I'll add a post below this one which I'll edit with any scores of your own should you wish to attempt this fun little challenge.

Thanks again everyone.


EDIT: It's worth noting that both powerpoints exceed 100mb in size and as such are unable to be previewed.

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