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[5E]Interns needed for Transplanar Synergistic Enterprise

Speak_N_Sp3llSpeak_N_Sp3ll Registered User new member
Greetings Friends!

** Amazing Opportunity with Nearly Limitless Growth Potential!***
Disclaimer: Acquisitions Incorporated is not liable for applicant being harmed, mutilated, dismembered, enflamed, frozen, eaten, transmogrified, transported to the Nine Hells of Baator, ensourcled, or being bound to a dark Eldritch God of Unknowable Horror. Application Fee is non-refundable.
***Growth Potential is Nearly Always Limited
About Me:

My name is Rob, and I have about four years of experience playing DnD and other RPGs. I have been apart of one-shots and a few long-term campaigns but have never thrown my hat in the ring to start running my own game. It has been roughly six months since I’ve been in a regular party, running a weekly campaign, so I wanted to see about getting a new group of people together and starting from scratch. As you maybe can tell, I am a huge fan of Acquisitions Incorporated and all their content. I’m also a fan of The Adventure Zone and Friends at the Table and other shows, but AI is definitely my favorite. I really want to begin learning to run my own campaign and telling my own story within this awesome setting. I do ask that anyone who does wish to take part please understand that this is the first time, and it can be a learning experience for everyone involved. And of course, newer players are welcome and encouraged.

The Game:

I want to run an instance of the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign found in the Acquisitions Incorporated Sourcebook

You do not need to be a diehard fan of AI or know anything about the setting to get started. AI is a setting that mixes the Forgotten Realms with workplace comedies; and brings together lighthearted adventure with deep lore and intense drama. The premise is that adventuring companies are incredibly common in the world of Faerun and they are there to turn a profit for megacorporations.

I would like to play either Tuesday or Thursday evenings (6:00PM CST) or sometime on the weekend. I am open to certain times or needs of the party.

You! The Applicant!

If you are interested in playing and being a part of a new campaign, shoot be a line on Discord: Speak_N_Sp3ll#2386

I ask that you respect other players time and practice civility. I would prefer that you be 18+, and be open minded and forgiving with people learning how to play.

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