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    Denada wrote: »
    Yay! Glad it got there safely. Also I just realized I totally spaced and forgot the extra foam. Oops, sorry!

    That's ok! I understand! It is wonderful the way it is! Thank you!

    "May the moon watch over you and keep you safe through the night, 'till the morning comes and MamaWolf can protect you through the day"
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    Damn man, you slayed it this year. Way to treat MamaWolf right~

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    Gifts received! Pictures to follow!

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    What have we hear? A mystery box?!

    Let's have a look at the contents shall we!

    3 boxes and a Santa Stocking?! Wow! That's awesome by itself! We started with the stocking...


    Oooh! Fun gummies and chocolates! The kids will get a kick out of the gummies, although I think the wife and I will confiscate the chocolates for ourselves.

    But enough about the sweets....what's in the boxes?!


    I've never heard of this game, but with an age recommendation of 6, it doesn't look like I'll have to wait too long before playing with the kids (3-4 years or so). The art looks awesome to boot!


    LOL! What is this?! Another game I've never heard about, but highly intriguing. If I'm not mistaken, the game has sort of a Legacy mode where it changes each time you play? Looks like another kid-friendly game we can look forward to playing down the road.


    Wow, that's some crazy nice art. Yet another game I've never heard of, which makes it 3 for 3! The description says it's perfect for short, "cafe" style gaming, which is perfect for the wife and I on date night. We often go out to get coffee and this would slot in perfectly for some quick gaming. Can't wait to give it a read.

    Thank you so much Secret Santa! You really went above and beyond with your gifting! Care to reveal yourself?!

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    It was certainly a pleasure pulling you this year since we've intersected on a number of threads through the years. I wish I could have played into that a little harder, but since you had already sunk a bunch of time into the One Deck Dungeon app, a physical copy to humor your co-op + Slay The Spire interests didn't seem the ideal route. ;P Additionally, I would have loved to commission my better half to create a piece of artwork for your family hearkening back to our HotS days (I really wanted to have you as Rexxar with your dog as Misha :P ), but she was far too busy with the season and Secret Santa art of her own. So alas, I just couldn't deliver. However let us not dwell on what couldn't be, but what was!

    I'll be honest - The Mysterious Forest was a very blind pull. I figured too many things about it hit the right points by being cooperative, oriented for younger players, great production, and is apparently based on a graphic novel if you ever wanted to look into that? My research on BGG showed that it might not be a particularly gamery-game, but that it's got excellent potential to be a more story-telling game. If it turns out it whomps, I apologize, but at worst I figured it's an excuse to stretch your voice acting skills while playing with your daughter.
    Zombie Kids Evolution came highly recommended from a friend of mine who also has daughters of 4 and 2. He actually writes articles for The Daily Worker Placement exclusively about playing games with his kids, which you might want to follow for other kid-friendly and educational games for the family. As you noted though, it's a cooperative legacy game with a delightful theme. There's a chance it's a bit much for even your oldest right now, but it's such a good package I had to send it your way. I figured there was a chance you might need to wait a year to play it, but like ... who among us doesn't have a game that doesn't get played for a year after acquiring it? ;P
    Finally, Jixia Academy is a straight re-implementation of Hanamikoji (itself between printings, apparently). It's probably my favourite 2-player game, and I hope this version of it treats you and Mrs. Dover well. <3

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    Ah, I've just had a letter informing me of a customs charge on a package from the USA, which is certainly none of my doing, so I can only assume that it is en route from a Santa of some sort!
    So, er, I don't have it yet, but it should be delivered on Tuesday.

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    As the prophecies foretold, a gift has arrived this Tuesday morn! (Or, well, probably more like Tuesday lunchtime, I dunno, I was at work.)

    For the record that is a Stonehorn doing duty as a scale reference, this is quite the box! But what could be inside...?

    Why, a whole glut of things, as it happens! An entire army of warhammer Ogors, in fact, further investigation reveals the full contents:

    All sorts of things! There's a bunch of Ogor infantry and Mournfang cavalry, some weeny gnoblars and a Slaughtermaster to lead them. The plastic baggie there contains an unassembled Scraplauncher/Ironblaster cannon, plus a brand new box of even more ogors, plus all the spare bitz from the assembled models, a positive hoard of plastic! And even some sturdy foam trays to keep them all in.

    There was a note too, but my camera doesn't pick it up very well!

    But thank you very much @Gabriel_Pitt this is very generous of you to say the least!
    I can't promise that I'll be able to use all of this stuff myself, I do already have quite a few Ogors already! But it will certainly be able to fill the gaps in my collection, I was just totting up how many more bodies I'd need to round out all my units for the new book! And I know plenty of people around the local community who would be happy to share in this holiday generosity!

    Thanks again, this really is too kind!

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    There was a note too, but my camera doesn't pick it up very well!

    The mysteries of messages written on manual typewriters preserve themselves from these dang new-fangled digivices!

    This is why I was chuffed when I saw your Santa message - because I've had these ogres a while but knew I was never going to actually do anything with them, but the chance to send send hungry maws to a good home was too much to pass up!

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    Literally just the other day I was counting up how many more ogres I'd need to get my army sorted for the new rules, and then your gift plugs the gaps and then some, very prescient of you!

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    Eh-heh ... Partner was expecting some books from Amazon, so when an Amazon package arrived this morning she didn't bat an eyelash. She was very confused and delighted and I'm sorry I couldn't take a video without alerting her that something was amiss. ;P
    We both have to go to work, but proper gift get post tonight~

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    As promised ...
    I'll turn things over to the proper recipient~

    Hullo! I am Partner!
    I obviously wasn't expecting any of this so thank you so much mystery Internet person!!! Late-January Second Christmas was a very nice surprise!
    Hell yeah Crit Role minis!! I can't wait to paint these, I really dig the Vox Machina character designs.

    I love me some fantasy books! :D

    Lila, our second-born, is also pleased with this offering.

    Thanks for being a good sport, @webguy20. I know it was a little different being thrown a non-forumer, but you did absolutely swell~ The Vox cast are already sitting alongside the Neiners in my (well, it's commandeered enough to be our :P ) display cabinet.

    PS: She's the one from two years ago when we sent along character sheets and portraits with the RPG book. I love how everything comes back around here because we're such a small group. ^_^

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    Glad you like everything! I hope you enjoy the books. I enjoyed how both played with the standard fantasy and D&D tropes. Also Orconomics helped me understand the sub prime mortgage crisis.

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    ArcticLancerCF SANTA
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    HO HO HO!

    Another successful year! Thank you all for being wonderful people and spreading cheer to fellow forumers!

    Final chains for those interested:
    !OH OH OH

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    Until next year, you kind and generous people!

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