QUESTION: About Gold Overatch Pin, Pax East 2015

The ColoniserThe Coloniser Registered User new member
Ages ago, at Pax East 2015 in the Overwatch Booth, you would receive a gold Overwatch emblem pin if you got Play Of The Game on one of the earliest playable demo's of the game. Back in June of 2017, when my dad was doing a photo shoot of popular Youtuber, Muselk for a magazine, I was given the pin that he won from getting POTG at that same booth. I found out later it's true value, selling for $400 USD when Overwatch was in it's prime. These days, it still goes for around $315 USD, but i wondered how much the name of said Youtuber would add onto the price. The pin has no Pinny Arcade backing, it has very minimal ware and i have proof of the transaction between the Youtuber and I. How much would you recommend i would sell it for?


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