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PAX South 2020 Challenge Coin - It's Happening



  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    edited November 15
    Sorry it took so long, but...

    Vote Now

    Please only one response per person.

    Voting will be open until Sunday @ 11:59pm (we moved it back by a day since we weren't able to get it posted until tonight).

    Remember, we are only doing one round of voting, due to time constraints. We promise that next year will be back on track like past years, but this is what we have to work with for South 2020.

    crashmurphy on
  • IrsoolIrsool Registered User regular
    Just voted! Thanks again for doing this!

  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    Irsool wrote: »
    Just voted! Thanks again for doing this!

    No problem! Totally worth the work!

  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    Just a reminder that voting will end tomorrow @ 11:59pm CST

  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    The votes are in!


    Ribbed edges, both painted and non-painted versions, and a Black Nickel finish.

    Thank you all so much for voting! I'll be sending this information to Kiddercorp today so that we can get the ball rolling on getting these coins made.

  • orthancstoneorthancstone TexasRegistered User regular
    Awesome, thanks for all of the effort!

    PAX South 2018 - Jan 12-14!
  • SirUberNoobPwnrSirUberNoobPwnr Registered User regular
    This is great! Thank you. Excited to see how to order. :)

  • shimwoodshimwood Registered User regular
    Sorry I was away for all of this, but it looks like y'all did an amazing job without me. See y'all in January!

  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    So, Kiddercorp is currently looking over the artwork and commissioning it into the official coin proofs. One slight change that has occurred is the finish. We have been told by several sources that the Black Nickle finish simply looks bad. Another PAX coin was made with this finish, and they won’t be choosing that finish again. So, in the interest of having a good looking coin, we are switching to the next-highest voted finish: Antique Bronze.

    I’ll keep y’all updated and we’ll post the proofs when they’re ready. Also, once orders are ready to be placed, we’ll start a new thread for them. Be on the lookout!

  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    edited November 24
    We've finally gotten the proofs in!


    We're wrapping up the artwork process. Once it is done, we will get the order forms up for y'all to order your coins! Please start spreading the word! We really need to get these into the hands of at least 100 people.

    crashmurphy on
  • SirUberNoobPwnrSirUberNoobPwnr Registered User regular
    These are sweet! Thanks for handling all of this.

  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    I was going to create a new thread for this, but I don't really want to muddy the forum's waters. So, here are the production proofs and the order form! Please share this with all your friends going to PAX South! Let's get these coins into as many peoples' hands as possible!


    Order Form: https://forms.gle/K6b3hjaDtv8vt32X8

    From Kiddercorp:


    The cost for the coins is as follows:

    - Regular (No Color) 3D Metal Challenge Coins cost $7 USD each.

    - Painted (Color) Challenge Coins cost $8 USD each.


    As in the past, the orders will be shipped to the customers individually once the coins arrive here from the factory.

    Shipping costs (additional to the coin cost total) are based on the weight of the package.


    $3 USD for 1 to 3 coins (USPS First Class Package).
    $4 USD for 4 to 6 coins (USPS First Class Package).
    $7 USD for 7+ coins (USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box) -- (exceeds the weight limit for First Class Package).

    INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS (outside of the US):

    $15 USD for 1 to 6 coins (USPS International First Class Package).
    $31 USD for 7+ coins (USPS International Priority Small Flat Rate Box) -- (exceeds the weight limit for First Class Package).


    Individual customers will total up their order (cost of coins + cost of shipping) and send the payment for the amount due to our PAYPAL account.

    Our PAYPAL account email address is the same as our business email address: [email protected]

    PayPal.me LINK (If someone uses this): paypal.me/kiddercorp


  • shdwcastershdwcaster West Dakota?Registered User regular
  • ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    If this can be helpful to anyone : http://bit.ly/PAXCoinCalc

  • guyatthecounterguyatthecounter Registered User regular
    They look great! Ordered 1 of each.

  • blure007blure007 Registered User new member
    Order placed. Thanks for all the work that was put into this!

  • DevereauxDevereaux Registered User regular
    Nice work! Coins ordered :D

    Check out my lanyard and let's trade ;) https://www.pinnypals.com/pals/Devereaux
  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    ArcSyn wrote: »
    If this can be helpful to anyone : http://bit.ly/PAXCoinCalc

    Thank you so much for posting this! I totally forgot to do so.

  • crashmurphycrashmurphy Registered User regular
    Here are the numbers, so far:

    12 x Non-painted
    21 x Painted

    Two things to remember:

    1) Kiddercorp orders these in batches of 100, for both versions. So, we really want to try to get as close to that as possible so they aren’t left holding the bill. They usually keep a few extras, just in case people have late orders or are trying to collect past coins. However, we don’t want them to have too many extras, because then they just become useless to everyone.

    How can you help? Share the crap out of this post! I’m posting this stuff to Discord, Reddit, and Facebook, but y’all probably know way more PAX-ers than we do. So, word-of-mouth the hell out of this!

    2) The PA forums will be going into their usual downtime in the coming days, which last for a few weeks. I believe it’s to perform maintenance on the forums, as well as to give mods a break. When that occurs, you won’t be able to find this thread until January. Just keep that in mind if you haven’t ordered your coins yet. The order form will still be up; you’ll simply have to go to the above mentioned sites to find it. You can also DM me directly if needed.

    Thank you all for the support to @LadyDeath and I. We really appreciate it!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  • shimwoodshimwood Registered User regular
    Order placed! Only 5.5 weeks to go!

  • IrsoolIrsool Registered User regular
    Ordered 4!

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