How to listen to the audiobooks I just bought

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I feel really stupid for even asking this, but I just bought a bunch of audiobooks, which I've downloaded to my PC as mp3 files. What I'd like to do now is listen to them on my phone, but I cannot figure out how to do that. I've googled a bunch of phrases like 'I have audiobooks on my PC how do I listen to them on my phone' and 'how can I transfer audiobooks from my PC to my phone' but none of the results have been remotely helpful. I didn't expect this to be such a process, am I missing something really simple?


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    So you hook up your phone to your PC with a USB cable (or a lightning to USB cable if you have an iPhone). Then you copy the files from the folder on the PC to a folder on the phone. Then you play the files in the built in music player?
    If you have an android or iPhone that's pretty much how complicated it is unless those files are protected by DRM.

    P.S: Well, on an iPhones you might need to use iTunes to import the files into your iTunes library.

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    Fiendishrabbit has the right of it, but if you need a specific tutorial for your type of phone, you can search for how to transfer audio files from a PC to [my type of phone]. Transferring music, audio books, or any other mp3 file will work in the same way.

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    Yep, googling 'how to transfer audio files from a PC to iPhone 6s' gave me a step-by-step for what I needed to do (install iTunes, add the books to my library, update my drivers, download the Books app...)

    Anyway I'm enjoying my audiobooks now, so thank you!

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  • HevachHevach Registered User regular
    There's also audiobook specific players that offer nifty things that music players don't, like bookmarks, automatically replaying the last few lines to ease you into where you left off, and some of the better ones can up the volume because audiobooks don't seem to be very consistent in that regard.

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