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D&D 5E Team Deathmatch

ForeverTuesdayForeverTuesday Registered User regular
I'm trying to put together a team for the D&D 5E Team Deathmatch. Would anyone be interested in joining me? I'd be fine with signing up for the 1pm, 3pm, or 7pm Friday event.


  • LexortheWhiteWolfLexortheWhiteWolf Registered User new member
    Two of us are interested in joining. Are you positive games start at 1 and 3 Friday? We cannot do 7.

  • ForeverTuesdayForeverTuesday Registered User regular
    Awesome! I'm sure games start at 1 and 3 on Friday (they're on the schedule). Do you and your friend use discord? Me and another teammate I recruited from reddit have been chatting on there.

    I just want to double check your availability. If we win in the Friday event, we'll move on to the quarterfinals on Saturday from 2-6pm, and if we win in that, we'll move on to the semifinals (and hopefully finals) on Sunday from 11am-3pm.

  • LexortheWhiteWolfLexortheWhiteWolf Registered User new member
    Hey Sorry but I didn’t get an alert that there was a reply so I forgot to check. We are free 2-6 on Saturday and so far free on Sunday so that shouldn’t be a problem. Not sure what discord is, haven’t used it before.

  • ForeverTuesdayForeverTuesday Registered User regular
    @LexortheWhiteWolf no worries. The only thing is that I actually have 3 people for the team now, so right now I only have space for one more person. I may end up having space for two though, because one of the other people on the team can't get to pax unplugged until a few hours after the deathmatch registration opens, and it's not clear if the whole team needs to be present to register for the event. I've just sent an email asking if everyone needs to be there at registration and, if the answer is yes, the player who can't make it until a few hours later said she wouldn't mind leaving the team (in which case I'll have space for both you and your friend). If I do end up only having space for one person though, would either you or your friend still be interested in joining the team?

    Discord is a chatting app (there's a mobile app, desktop versions, and it can be used in browser). If we end up on a team together, would you and your friend be willing to make accounts and use it to chat, or would you prefer to chat on a different platform?

  • ForeverTuesdayForeverTuesday Registered User regular
    @LexortheWhiteWolf I have space for two people after all. Are you and your friend still interested?

  • ForeverTuesdayForeverTuesday Registered User regular
    @LexortheWhiteWolf sorry about this, but I actually ended up finding two more people this morning, so I'm not longer looking for more teammates. If you and your friend are still looking though, I saw some people looking for teams on the facebook group, so you guys could try checking there. Best of luck and I hope you guys have a great PAX Unplugged!

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