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Tablet Search - Gotta Have... Rear Camera Flash?

BouwsTBouwsT Wanna come to a super soft birthday party?Registered User regular
Guys, I'm fucking lost searching for a tablet. I originally purchased a set of Galaxy Tab A - SM-T380's. They're AWESOME for what we need. 8" is very handle-able, and they have a DAMN FLASH. I'm trying to set up some new employees with a similar grade of tablet but I can't find jack. Our family works in auto repair, and we take photos of the repairs to customer's vehicles and send them via a web-based app. By necessity, we're taking pictures in dark spots. I think we paid <$250CAD per tablet.

We're not brand loyal, I'd go with a Huawai, Amazon, Lenovo... WHATEVER just to get a tablet that works, and has a flash. Do you guys have any thoughts for me? Seen anything that has a flash that isn't a Galaxy Tab S for $700CAD?

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