6000+ pictures photo project. Tips on repro photography and maybe also on a new camera?

I want to take photos of all my vinyl album covers, but since it is not a small job I wanna make sure I do it right from the start so I will not have to re-shoot a lot of photos. So tips and suggestions are very welcome.

I have bought my self a repro stand aka. copy stand, this one:
Falcon Eyes CS-730
It is nothing fancy, but I hope it will be stable enough as I do not envision moving the camera around once in place. My original plan was actually to build a stand, but I came to realize it was not really possible as I am currently without work shop access.

A set set of 5000K 28W "bulbs" is my planned lighting, supposedly they should be the equivalent of 2x160W light bulbs. Am I right in thinking that I should not also use the cameras flash?

As my collection holds aprox. 700 albums and I plan to photograph both the rear, the front and the inner sleeves(except when it just plain white ones) and maybe even the labels on some records this will mean taking 6,000 pictures or maybe more. To help in doing so I plan on mounting a couple of guides on the copy stand to easily align up the covers identically each time, my hope it will make for photos I can just crop as a batch process since the subject are squares while the photos are of course not on the outset. Does that sound doable?

I imagine I can do the batch cropping using GIMP, but if there are better tools for it I would like to know. Something free to use is preferred.

My current camera is an older Panasonic Lumix FZ-30. It is an bridge camera with what was once an amazing 12x zoom and pixel wise it does 3264 x 2448 (4:3). It does produce photos in RAW format. And I have one of those buttons on a cable for it which I think is a must.
Details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panasonic_Lumix_DMC-FZ30

However I wonder if I should invest in something never for the job. Maybe to have more pixels to work with or perhaps a camera which is just more suited for the job as for example I will not be using the 12x zoom, plus also I can see that having a camera with WiFi would perhaps save many a transferring of files from the SD card (2 GB capacity is max).


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