[AI Dungeon 2] The free text adventure web game where you can do anything at all

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This has been making the rounds recently and I figured it could use a thread here too!


Mobile versions available in mobile storefronts
Classic web-based version here: https://colab.research.google.com/github/nickwalton/AIDungeon/blob/master/AIDungeon_2.ipynb


Essentially this is a neural net program that does its best to generate a coherent response to anything you type, in the context of playing a text adventure or choose-your-own-adventure game. It's far from perfect, it's slow and hammered to hell by people playing it, and seems to crash or get stuck in weird loops easily...but it's still tremendously entertaining and surprising when it works out!

Follow the instructions when you launch the game. I'm not familiar with what it's running in, but it seems like a google-hosted code editor that's very programmer-facing and not public friendly. But it's easy to get going. If it dies...which it is likely to do...try refreshing the page and click Runtime -> Run All again.

There are tons of examples of crazy stories, both on the site itself and in articles and tweets across the internet right now. Rather than share those I thought I would share some of my own stories.

This was one of my first ones (click for full size):


This time I was a wizard exploring some ruins and this caught me completely off guard:


If you use some recognizable elements, sometimes it will surprise you and play right along:





Also it knows EXACTLY the kind of Fallout player I am:


I talked to the sheriff and helped him kill some cultists and he gave me 500 caps, completely unprompted by me that this was the currency!

Things can get emotional very quickly:


Also I love this:


Some tips for playing:
  • In an improv sense this program is very much "yes, and." If you mention anything it will suddenly exist and become part of the story, which includes giving characters names etc. Also, try talking directly to people via quotes, it can be surprisingly good with natural dialogue too.
  • The neural net is sourcing style and text from a user submitted choose-your-own-adventure writing site, so it works best with average-sized sentences. It can handle fairly complex stuff. This is not like playing Zork where you type "get key," "use key on desk." If you type short statements it will get bogged down in the minutia and start repeating itself because from its perspective nothing interesting is going on. Be a little descriptive and it will work with you.
  • It also seems to keep a history of the last 8 statements, so it can remember objects and characters back that far, in other words if King Julius sends you on a quest you can go do it and he might show up later to reward you...however you can always remind the game directly by saying things like "return to King Julius and demand my reward."
  • It seems to have some difficulty keeping track of who is saying what, and even sometimes who is performing what action. You might type "shoot the man" and end up being the one shot. I think this might be partly due to the site they're sourcing data from, which isn't always written in the most straightforward CYOA format, but generally it works reasonably well.
  • Like I said above, if it seems to be dead, try refreshing the page and clicking Runtime -> Run All again.

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    oh this is fascinating

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    That's great! Hopefully at some point it will become more usable on PC as well, wrapped in an executable instead of the extra steps needed right now.

    Uh...it looks like he removed links to the original method of playing it. But it's still up. Here:

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    You are Indiana Jones. You are looking for the Lost City of Atlantis. You recruit
    your friend to help summon Nur Ab Saal. Nazis are looking for you. You arrive
    in Greece and find a small town called Sotakos. It is inhabited by Greeks who
    speak Greek. The Germans have already conquered this area, but they don't know
    it yet
    > say to a passer by in Greek "would you happen to know where I could find some olives for dinner?"

    "Sure, but what do you want?"
    "I just wanted to tell you that if you ever need anything, you can always ask

    You walk through the streets of Sotakos
    > Ask my friend Marian what she thinks of Sotakos

    "It's a nice place, but not much has changed since the time of my grandparents".
    "What about the people? Do they still live there?"
    "Well, they're not really living anymore. They've been dead for years now".

    > "So you think Atlantis was inhabited by ghosts of the past"

    "Yeah, and it's pretty sad actually. The only reason why the city is still standing
    is because the government of the area is very generous with their resources
    and so far nobody has tried to take it over or even make any kind of attempt
    at taking back the land"
    > "Why do you think everyone died?"

    "Because they were all greedy ******** who didn't give a **** about anyone else.
    If you don't like something, then **** off and leave us alone".
    "But how come the city is still standing? It looks abandoned"
    > /censor off
    Censor is now disabled.
    > book a room and spend the night on the edge of Atlantis

    You decide to stay overnight in Atlantis as it will be easier to get around the
    city than walking all the way from one end to another. You buy a cheap hotel
    room near the edge of the city and set up camp on the outskirts of the city
    > "Maybe there's a submarine pilot who can take us to Atlantis in the morning"

    Marian says "No, I'm sorry, but we have no submarines. We used to have them before
    the war, but the government destroyed most of them during the war".
    You laugh "Oh well, maybe next time"
    > go out and eat in Sotokos

    The next day you head out into the city and try to find a restaurant that serves
    food from Atlantis. You manage to find one called 'Atlantis' which seems to
    serve decent food. You order a burger and fries and pay for it
    > sit down and eat and take note of the ambiance

    As you are eating you notice that the restaurant is rather empty. There are a
    few tourists sitting outside, but nothing more. You look around and see a lot
    of graffiti all over the walls of the building. Some of it is rather creative,
    others are simply crude
    > examine the graffiti

    You notice that the graffiti consists mainly of drawings of fish, birds and other
    animals. You also notice that the writing is written in different languages
    including English, Latin and Greek. You also notice that there are several references
    to the city of Atlantis itself
    > read the references to Atlantis

    A lot of the graffiti refers to Atlantis and its inhabitants. One of these references
    is to an ancient civilization known as the Minoans. This reference appears to
    refer to the city of Atlantis, which was located in the Aegean Sea
    > "Marian, I think we need to book a plane over the Aegean"

    "That would be great! But you'll have to find someone who knows how to fly a
    plane to help you. And if you need help, you should talk to our waiter, he's
    a good guy and can probably point you in the right direction"
    > look at Marian distrustfully

    You continue to stare at her suspiciously while you eat. She continues to ignore
    you and talks to the waiter
    > say to the waiter in Greek "would you happen to know how to fly a plane?"

    "Sure, but what do you want?"
    "I just wanted to tell you that if you ever need anything, you can always ask
    You return to your table and begin to eat again. Suddenly you hear a loud noise
    coming from the sea
    > look at the sea

    You watch as the waves crash against the rocks below and break them apart. You
    watch as the water rushes towards the shore and fills the gap between the buildings.
    You watch as the ocean rises up and engulfs the entire island
    > "The island is sinking!"

    ...sadly, the game seems to have crashed here.

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