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Hey folks, it's that time again! Please leave your feedback for the show.

Reminder: not liking things is fine. Being a jerk is not fine.


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    dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
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    * It would be great to have signs next to each escalator with a map and a "you are here" star, if feasible. And if the map was an exploded 3d level-by-level map, it might be more helpful (there's a BGG thread on this). Last time I got trapped in a "exit only" escalator situation and had to walk down the building and re-enter at Broad Street. (I've been told that at some point, PA staff found out and posted a sign and an enforcer, which is great.)
    * Put Broad Street on the Level 1 map.
    * If announcing things, please announce them by all the channels you have available. It was a little annoying to find out that it was announced on twitter that the secondary entrance would be opened earlier on Sat/Sun, but nothing ever came by email or the PAX app. Yet other emails did come, and the PAX app had notifications for a bunch of other stuff, including ads for Gamer Fuel. Would have loved to have gotten the useful info from it since I don't use twitter.
    * Emails are very unfriendly on mobile. They are one big image, which required a lot of panning around to try to read.
    * A few more people to process games library checkout might have made the line a bit quicker.

    Overall, I think things ran really smoothly. I didn't try to get into RPGs and stuff, though, so I can't comment on the frustrations some people have been mentioning about them.

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    dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    Oh, and a bonus one:
    * Contact BurgerFi a month before you get there and tell them you're coming. I had read they ran out of food last year, and the same thing happened this year. I talked to the manager on shift and he said the company didn't have the convention on the calendar at all. These guys... :D

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I would think it would be pretty reasonable for a restaurant near a convention center to stay up on convention load :)
    But yeah, my group went there on Thursday this year specifically to avoid the run on food they had the last two years.

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    nevermore13nevermore13 Registered User regular
    With the layout being flipped from last year I agree more signage would have been helpful. I like unpub but didn't go there this year because I couldn't find it (even with guidebook). Had the same issue with classic cardboard.

    Only other minor piece of feedback is east and west have two satellite streaming theaters would have liked to see that at unplugged as well. I had two things going on at the same time would have liked a vod for what I missed.

    Everything else was great and those are just minor things that in no way made the experience bad.

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    antheremantherem Registered User regular
    Honestly it was a really smooth convention, well done all around. A couple of minor things:
    • If you're going to restrict access to only a specific entrance, it would be nice to have that information when we're selecting a hotel.
    • The Omegathon rounds need more time allotted to them.
    • It's been brought up in a few places, but please don't use your app to push ads to my phone.

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    kbschmidkbschmid Calgary, ABRegistered User regular
    This was my first Unplugged (have been at West 7 times), and this is the first time we brought our son (10yo), so it was a very new experience for us - and a different lens to look through. I'm used to knowing exactly where to go, how to get there, etc., so it was neat to experience with new eyes again.

    A few of my more salient notes:
    * I'm not particularly good at mini painting, but find it relaxing, so all of us did it. Maybe I missed them, but it's nice to have some basic instructions/intro guide at a mini painting place to get started - especially since my 10yo has never done it. I know Reaper had good little guides at West when I've done it - just basic drybrushing/wetbrushing, what order to do things in, etc.
    * I actually found the security theatre pretty easy to deal with, which was my fear (especially being from a country where it's a lot rarer)
    * I liked how D&D had some sign-up-in-advance sessions and some not. That said, we had to fire up an account for my 10yo to register, which is not ideal, but I also get why you wouldn't want people to be able to sign up 20 people at once for a session either
    * Having different ways to sign up for things was a pain. You have to pre-reg on the app for D&D, some website for MtG, some *other* website for Helios, etc. I know - different vendors - but even if you could get links working in the app for the right things, it would have made that experience so much easier
    * We wanted to do some workshop things and tried to come relatively early (pre 9AM) to sign up, and they were already on waitlist. I know there's little room and people got up well before I did to get those slots, but it was disappointing. Maybe there's value in larger space, if possible, next year?
    * We had a LOT of fun in the expo hall. My son wanted to hit each booth and check out whatever they had and it took us 2 out of 3 days to do that.
    * As always, Enforcers were awesome. A couple of pieces of incorrect information here and there, which is bound to happen, but on the whole they were great
    * I really like that there a lot of little hallways one can sit down in and eat at. West is always a crapshoot for that, so really appreciated having all of that space
    * One confusing thing for us at first, being new, was that we had to go upstairs to go downstairs on the other side. I mean, I figured it out eventually from the map, but especially with one entrance being open first thing, it would be awesome if there were signs that said something like, "To workshop and blah blah blah, go upstairs, across skybridge, and downstairs"

    All in all, my wife likes PAXU better than West, so, good job!

    By day, a mild-mannered charity guy
    By night, a gamer.
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    dennisdennis aka bingley Registered User regular
    edited December 2019
    * A few more tables for the game library, and no putting things in the "center aisle" of the tables. I think this slowed down traffic quite a bit because people couldn't just scan titles and had to scoot around boxes and scrutinize things to see if they were there. If you just have a single row of games on each side of the table, people can scan very quickly and get out of the way. Sometimes the traffic just to browse the tables was really slow.
    * Some better way of handling the small box games. As it was, it was just a big pile on one table and impossible to really scan through. I don't know what the superior solution is, as little boxes are annoying to arrange in anyone's collection. I don't know if any kind of collapsible "bookshelf" type thing exists.

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    nesbit37nesbit37 Registered User regular
    Just to preface this, I have attended all 3 PAXUs but no other PAX events. I go to about 6 tabletop cons a year, hitting Gary Con, Origins, Gen Con, Essen Spiel, Fall in!, and PAXU this year. I also live in Philadelphia about a mile from the convention center, so I don't need to get a hotel room or anything like that for this convention.

    *I don't understand the layout of entrances this year. It makes no sense to me why everyone must go through the same entrance to the primary hall and that the thing most people want to him up most, the exhibit hall, is the furthest thing from that entrance. It added unnecessary walking for the entire convention and I felt very bad for anyone with mobility issues. Especially the people on crutches that I saw this year. Just let people in at multiple entrances already, I don't know why there is a need to queue up to get in at the start of the day.

    *Not a fan of the broad street entrance as the main entrance. It's the furthest entrance from anything people want to actually do outside of the convention center, and created the awkward walking problem mentioned above. I know the Arch street entrance was opened up earlier than planned on at least Friday and Saturday, but the announcements were not handled well and I don't think that many people found out about it. It was also somewhat moot due to the above mentioned single entrance problem. The broad street entrance also forced people to stand outside while waiting to get into security, a non-issue with the arch street entrance.

    *I still don't understand the security. It's purely for show and they make no sense to hide it. I went through the line 4 times and set off the metal detector each time. They only wanded me once, which also set the metal detector off and they just motioned me through anyway. On Thursday someone a couple people ahead of me was wearing a medical back brace and they made him take it off to go through the metal detector. None of this is ok. I also don't know of any other non-Reed Pop events at this convention center that use the metal detectors. The Philadelphia Flower Show that has a quarter million people over it's seasonal run doesn't use them. Just drop it already or at least do a better job of pretending its useful.

    *I don't understand why nothing opens before 10am in the main hall area. I don't see any reason why the library, first look, paint and take, miniatures, etc. can't be open before 10am. I don't think having people stand in line for the exhibit hall is as exciting as PAX seems to think it is based on how the enforcers tried to pump us up about it when we opted to just sit in the tournament area waiting for the line to go through instead of getting in line.

    *I was glad to see food outside of the convention center in the main hall this year. It was very pricey, though (probably unavoidable since I am sure their rent was high) and it could have been a bit better placed than all of it just stuffed on the east end of the main hall.

    *I have no idea how they made a profit with the Philly soda tax but was happy for the Wild Bill soda thing. Would be nice if they had some caffeinated and more diet options but I'll take a bottomless cup at $5 a day over the $6 per soda charge for a single bottle everyone else was charging.

    *Get more events on the schedule. I know there are a lot more things happening at PAXU than are on the schedule. I know you want to tightly control the quality of the brand or whatever but I would much rather see and know what and where I can go do even small games and panels than the seemingly anemic schedule of activities that exists now.

    *My final comment will probably be ignored because it is every year, but drop all the lines already for everything. I saw so many people stressed about them trying to get into things. As someone medicated for anxiety issues they are horrible. I would much rather know weeks if not months in advance if I a can attend something via a ticketing system than have to worry about getting in the first 4 lines early enough to get into the 5th line I need for a painting class or a tournament or whatever that I really want to do. I would argue lines are less egalitarian than tickets or other advanced signups. Tickets can be free, there are multiple ticket and signup systems in existence already, and they save everyone from having to waste their precious con time being wasted in lines. It also means you can plan much better what exactly you are doing for the day, something someone with anxiety issues like me loves to be able to do.

    I just see some of these problems here and they are such non-issues at other conventions. I don't get it.

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    nesbit37nesbit37 Registered User regular
    Nearly forgot, the pocket map was nice but I think a full on exploded view would be better. It was difficult to navigate with how it was chopped up and I am use to this convention center. Also, please put room numbers on rooms not just names. Also, people know the Unpub room as Unpub since that is who runs it. I heard from several people they couldn't find it because it was renamed to the collaboratory for whatever mystery reason.

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    RappakRappak Registered User regular
    edited December 2019
    Having only one street entrance is bad. Then not having enough enforcers to know what's going on outside and line wrangle is worse. There was only 3. You made a real bad impression Friday morning. Especially for people's first pax. A convention has to put it's best foot forward and that starts with how people are entered and greeted. 45 minutes at 945am starting isn't that. Then the second bad impression was the escalators right at that entrance. Both were either going up or going down. If you made the mistake of going to the wrong one, you had to use stairs which is bad for people with crutches, or go all the way around to the other one. It should have alternated up and down. I only saw the graft tape on the ground late saturday and it was too late at that point. People won't look down in the morning because there's too many people.

    The first look needs a bit of an overhaul. I had trouble trying to find games that other people tried and talked about. There's no list of games in first look in the app or at any of the entrances to first look. Having a list then table number is better. Example being cat cafe c2 and rumble nation at f1. I think i saw table numbers at the end of each table where you can walk the aisle so it wouldn't be that hard to have a print out to the enforcers or somewhere at an entrance or two.

    It feels more cramped this year. I understand that everything became more compact but it was hard to distinguish where free play began and ended near the expo hall. There were some sponsor stuff and i think a game store that was having pokemon stuff but never did? I saw people just use the tables anyways as free play was full until about 8pm when people went home or left for dinner.

    Expo hall banners were great. It was easier to find things. I really liked the used game vendor and wished there was more of them.

    The maps are handy, until you actually walked around. The Philly convention Center is not easy to navigate. I've talked to enforcers and even they have trouble because its going over 2 roads and that creates 3 diffent hallways. Can you label these hallways and have signs pointing to these hallways? Agricola way for one, big bad lane for another and catan road for the other would be an example. It would make navigating the convention center and directing people where to go much easier.

    Rappak on
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    SchmulkiSchmulki Registered User regular
    All in all, the con was great. I'm going to go into more details on the bad, because that's room for improvement. But don't let that diminish the fact that the good far outweighed the bad.

    The Good
    • Enforcers were awesome as always. Props to them.
    • And especially, the Enforcers over in the First Look area who were teaching games all weekend? Props to them. Most were great at teaching games and allowed us to have so much more fun.
    • Bigger Expo Hall and associated areas in that big, open space was great. Definitely felt like you had more room.
    • Security wasn't a giant line
    • For some reason, restaurants over a block away were more empty than previous years. It was great!
    • The people I know who are into RPGs said it was much better this year to actually play.
    • Props to the coat check for accepting large bags and not overcharging. I don't know what I would have done without them.

    The Bad
    • Can we either put an end to security theater completely or actually have security? You walk through those metal detectors, they flip a coin, and decide to beep or not. You walk back through again, it flips a coin again. Even the security guys weren't taking the beeps seriously much of the time, letting people by without checking them further quite often. And the dog by the main entrance definitely was not well trained. People were petting him and he was going up to anyone who came close to him to get pet. That's not how well-trained dogs for jobs like that work. That was some dude's dog. No one felt safe with the level of security there. If we're going to actually be secure, great, lets do it. If not, then lets get rid of the farce of what we have and move lines along faster.
    • Everyone being funneled to an entrance which was as far away from the bulk of the hotels and all of the trains as possible was terrible. Please go back to allowing multiple entrances.
    • The con felt split in 2. There was the Expo Hall and the few things around it, then none of the rooms down the hall by the old queue room were used, downstairs was some other event, and the rest of the con was on the literal other end of the convention center. Please group things up again so we can more easily get from one part of the con to the other.
    • Had multiple friends with issues with tickets (forgetting their badge, never having their badge sent, etc.). In all cases, depending on who they talked to, they got a different answer ranging from "you're out of luck, buy another badge" to "meh, whatever, here's another badge, we'll trust you" to "you need to take multiple pictures of the badge, it being cut in half, and give us those, to prove the old one was destroyed, then we'll give you another" to the point where one friend broke down in tears from frustration of trying to deal with the issue after being told to buy new badges, then being given a replacement weekend badge, followed by, "well, you were told to buy these other badges, but too bad, you can't refund them and no, despite there being a whole line of people walking up to buy their badge, you can't sell yours to them."
    • Concession prices were ridiculous. Philly Pretzel Factory normally sells their pretzels for well under $1 each and are fresh baked right there. They were selling obviously older pretzels (it was just a kiosk, nowhere there to make them fresh) for $4 at the con. A lemonade was $7.50. That pains me to even type. Sodas and waters were $4-5. Couple that with the distance you have to walk to get back into the con (since you couldn't walk back in the middle) and it made those issues feel even worse.

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    ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    PAX Thoughts:
    • Large Entrances - This was really nice, as the lines moved quickly. The only time we got stuck in a line was Saturday when we arrived around 9:45 and discovered the line went out the door, to one corner, zig zagged, then back past the door, around the corner, down the street, across the street, and down the next street. Enforcers were near the door, but they really could have used some backup to organize and inform people of the line, or make it more organized. However, even with this, we were in line for probably less than 10 minutes as it kept moving very quickly.
    • Huge Spaces - Seeing the entire convention center open was incredible. I don't know that I've ever seen it from one end to the other, and it was amazing how much space there was.
    • Plenty to do - I never ran out of things to do, so thank you for filling the schedule and space with so much. It actually feels a bit sad how much I missed out on, but with the number of people attending, it's definitely better to not be able to do it all, than to have to wait in line to do things because there's nothing else to do.
    • Excellent mix of vendors. I was glad to see local shops, small shops, indie publishers, big names, tables, accessories, and games all available. The mixture was fantastic and plentiful, and I hope they all had a profitable weekend and desire to return.
    • Bathrooms everywhere, including non-gender specific ones. Never felt like I had to go far to find a bathroom.
    • Hanging signage in main hall was very helpful.
    • Wild Bills was fantastic!
    • Lines were minimal for most things.
    • Brandland is a nice place for LRR and others. Hope they return!
    • Kids tickets and Sunday kids day is fantastic!
    • Had a lot of fun, and my kids on Sunday had a lot of fun.

    • Entrance lines need more enforcers. Once the line reaches a corner, enforcers should be sent down to start directing people. Once they hit another corner, need more enforcers. The attendees were really polite and nice though and didn't seem to be any issues, so that was nice.
    • I understand why the expo hall was at the end, so they could close it each night, but wow it was a FAR walk to get there from any entrance. Definitely got a lot of steps in. It'd be nice to see it somehow more centralized, but I'm not sure how you'd do that.
    • Bathrooms were really not well maintained. Friday they were fine until late. Saturday they started to run out of paper towels and in the afternoon/evening run out of toilet paper. Sunday was still out of paper towels and you may or may not have toilet paper. For as many convention staff as I saw guarding doors and checking attendee badges, they should have doubled or tripled the staff restocking bathrooms. I don't know if this is something ReedPop can bring to their attention, but it's a busy convention and they supposedly check the bathrooms every 30 minutes. They definitely were not prepared. Even being out of paper towels on Saturday is inexcusable because they had Friday night or Saturday morning to restock.
    • Signage could be a bit more helpful in the halls. While the stand up signage is nice, it wasn't always helpful. I had an RPG game to get to in room 119. However, the rooms aren't labeled in the app, and when I went downstairs I saw RPG HQ, then went to the left and found rooms 118-115, then went to the right and found rooms 120-125. It took me a while to realize 119 was next to RPG HQ and not actually RPG HQ. Also, some of the booth numbers in the app didn't connect with any of the locations that made sense. Things like Zulu's Game Cafe is labeled TT05, or the Galaxy Trucker special was at "120C", wherever that is, and GameFuel was TT11? Now, after spending three days, I can kinda parse these things, but when you're in line waiting for the expo hall to open Friday morning, none of them made sense in the map and you couldn't tap them all in the app to show you where to go.
    • Confusing escalators. Sometimes you'd get to an escalator and find it was only going down. Or only up. It'd be nice if they all were mixed, so you didn't have to take the stairs or find the other side to get to where you wanted to go. Apparently at some point, the convention center decided to do an escalator test and one escalator took you down, but you couldn't get back up to the main hall and you had to exit the center and go back around to the main entrance? ReedPop should definitely communicate with the center staff not to do any of these things without first communicating with enforcers/staff to properly block or sign the area.
    • Brandland was really out of the way this year. I don't know if perhaps they can be moved into the main hall next year, just off to the side, or perhaps in the hallway outside the freeplay area? I didn't even know they were there until Saturday afternoon.
    • Long demos are not a good idea. Apparently Gloomhaven was scheduling demos each morning, and they were an hour long each? I ended up not demoing it at all and being completely turned off from the game. I think it'd be a good idea to encourage vendors to keep demos to 20-30 min max, and not book up in advance to allow people who are just wandering the ability to see and experience what the game is like. Maybe I'm wrong though, and maybe it worked out really well for them. It looked fantastic with the scenery models and all, but I wasn't able to enjoy the game directly. Perhaps schedule demos in another side room, but keep the expo hall free from scheduled things?

    • Lending Library - It'd be nice if there was a time limit, or some way to encourage turnaround of games in the library. I understand that due to the lines to check out/in games people want to just get a stack at once, play for hours, then return them so they aren't constantly getting up/down, but it's a bit frustrating to see a stack of popular games sitting on a table not in use for a few hours because the group is learning and playing a different game. A group next to ours had the new Dune game out for a few hours and I never saw them actually play it. I don't know how they'd enforce/handle this, but it's just a thought to consider.
    • Lending Library - Instead of Tables, perhaps collapsible plastic shelves would be better suited to make it easier to see all of the titles in the library?
    • Lending Library - Not sure how it could be sped up, but the lines for checking out/in games got a bit crazy at times.
    • Freeplay Area - AEG needs to rent space outside of the free play area on a Saturday night. Their big game night event took a lot of tables, and was loud and confusing for those who weren't part of it. It'd be nice if they used the tournament area or another space (like the 2018 tournament space downstairs if available) for their event, so Freeplay wouldn't be so crowded on Saturday night when the most attendees are there.
    • Streaming - It'd be nice if all of the theaters could be streamed, or at least recorded for later online publishing. It's nice to catch up on the panels I missed from main and mothman, but there were multiple panels in leviathan and crab god that I missed from doing other things that I would have enjoyed seeing.
    • Wifi - Cell service was actually fantastic this year, so this is less necessary, but I went through a lot of data over the weekend. Not sure if that's from the PAX app or what, but it'd be nice to have some wifi capability in the convention hall. Not sure what they offer, so likely just not possible until they build it out.
    • Kids Day - There were some cool panels about running games for kids and other adult-advice for doing stuff for kids on Sunday. The problem was that Sunday is when you have kids tickets available, and they won't want to sit in those panels. Maybe put some of those kid-focused, but not kid-directed panels on days other than Sunday? One was modifying RPGs for kids in crab god, which sounds fantastic because my kids got to play their first RPG on Sunday, but it was in crab god, so not streamed, and on Sunday, when my kids were with me and excited to see the expo hall and play games. So kinda a disconnect there.
    • Staff Pin Trade - Perhaps cut the groups in half for the pin trade/staff meet? I spent half the time I had just waiting behind the group that mobbed the table, unable to get to the table or meet Jerry or Ryan until 2 minutes before we had to leave. I think cutting the groups in half, and dropping the time you have down a bit more would be helpful, as fewer people means they can move around and move through faster than with the mob getting in each others way for most of the time.
    • Main Theater - Perhaps I'm alone in this, but I'd rather have a deeper theater than a wide theater. For the AI game I ended up about 5 seats from the side wall, and with a tall person directly in my line of sight to the table. Ended up watching most of it through the screens. I understand the convention center doesn't seem to have a proper theater with elevated or theater seating, but it was not an ideal setup. Maybe a taller stage?
    • Wild Bill - It would be nice to see two locations next year at opposite ends to help alleviate the lines.

    I think that's all I've got for now. Tried to be thorough and remember all of my thoughts from the weekend.

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    RappakRappak Registered User regular
    I forgot to mention. There's a noticeable lack of board game panels and board game industry panels. I can't tell if those types of panels could run because of the lack of presenters or lack of panel ideas but it was real noticeable.

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    mycombsmycombs Registered User new member
    3rd PAX Unplugged, and I've loved each one! I agree with a lot of the layout suggestions mentioned so far. Here are my suggestions:
    1. Massive security entrance moved really quickly. It was impressive. In the afternoon / evening, they should open some security entrances on Arch street, where they were last year, for people that are re-entering after dinner
    2. Expo hall entrance was actually directly above security, but i didn't discover this until halfway through weekend. Some signage pointing up to the escalators would help. I noticed a lot of people walking 2 blocks to enter the Expo in the "usual" area, not knowing that they could have headed up after security.
    3. Layout from 2018 was really good, things felt less disconnected. Would love to go back to 2018 setup, if the convention center allows it.
    4. First Look area is always neat. Games are hard to find, not sure what dictated layout. Would be great to have First Look games alphabetically arranged. (there was a list of games available but it was a page on BoardGameGeek)
    5. Freeplay "quiet" annex was amazing. Felt like a real hidden gem, hoping that comes back next year (and that it remains a secret!)
    6. Agree that it's frustrating to see a group in main freeplay with a stack of games they aren't using. Could enforcers walks around, and ask groups if they would like unused games returned (as a polite way to put games back into the Library)?

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    Dex DynamoDex Dynamo Registered User regular
    So, I attended as a Special Guest (panelist), walked the show floor, and ran a game in the RPG area, utilizing the BoardGameGeek GeekList function that was emailed to GMs before the show.

    On the whole, this was the best PAXU yet, with continued improvement across the board. This went from a show I was honestly "meh" on after 2017, to a show I'm pretty excited about returning to in 2020!

    That said, here is my feedback:
    • Huge shout-out to the panel organizers this year. We had a lot of questions before the show and they were consistently quick and beyond accommodating. I loved working with them.
    • Panel submissions were open to groups of up to six guests. I had six guests on the panel I ran. But, when we arrived at the room, there were three chairs onstage, and we were told by Enforcers (who were super friendly and helpful, this isn't calling them out at all!), that "we can't actually move chairs, because that's a union thing." (As to whether or not chairs were actually moved... no comment. But the Enforcers were great.) So, my feedback is "if moving things is a union responsibility, PAX needs to work out with the union, so that someone is on-site and can move things."
    • The BGG sign-up list was great! Games were clearly listed before the show, with people able to sign-up in advance. THAT SAID, I spoke to no less than three people, friends of mine, who, even though they followed me on Twitter (where I posted a link to my game on the BGG GeekList), had no idea the GeekList sign-ups were a thing, and ended up missing the game I was running. If the goal is for PAXU to continue using this system (which you should! it was great!), you need to broadcast it more across channels like email (seriously, I got so many PAX emails, and never got one about "hey here are RPG sign-ups") or social.
    • It still bothers me that PAXU is the only con that doesn't give out GM badges (the way I see it, we are giving our time and energy to give the convention content, which it did not have otherwise), but I don't see that changing.
    • More signage is an absolute must. There were dozens of conversations during the weekend of "where am I going?"
    • A small thing, but I'd love it Special Guests and Press were allowed in the Exhibitor Entrance on Market Street. There was a lot of confusion around how my co-panelists and I were supposed to get in the building at the start of the day — information that the Enforcers did not seem to have (some of us were told to wait in the general admission line; others were told to cut in line). Even cutting in line felt like very much a not-ideal situation, as it just felt weird trying to push past people.
    • The lines were... the lines, but I do give credit to Enforcers and Security for moving things quickly along. I never waited in a line for a terribly long time.

    On the whole, great con, and I look forward to coming back next year!

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    eriepopeeriepope Registered User regular
    After the Mess that was Unplugged 2018 I was unsure I was going to even go last year. My wife talked me into going just for Sunday. Since we love the Kids day and the kids were really looking forward to going. I'm glad we did. We had a great time. Talking with other convention goers and friends, a lot of the problems from 2018 had been addressed and fixed.

    I agree with the other posters, the layout was weird. and signage wasn't clear. but the Enforcers were awesome when you got lost and confused. We were there only for the one day so I never really got a feel for where everything was.

    My biggest complaint is one I make every year. I do not understand the Pax Culture when it comes to lines. As someone who suffers from a lot of social anxiety and a bad hip the idea of standing around waiting in line for a chance to do something bothers me greatly. I regularly attend Adepticon, Nova Open and Origins, so I know the advantages and problems of Preregistration. The fact that I create a frame for my schedule months in advance helps me deal with being in a large crowd and gives me goal. I have never been to another Pax and honestly I'm kinda turned off from conventions that you can not preregister for events. I think My biggest complaint about the whole system as it stands is your limited to what you can do. in the morning you have to choose, Boardgame, RPG, or hobby seminar. because you have to stand in line to get tickets. This year you could only get one Seminar ticket per person per day. So its not even possible for my Wife to stand in one line and me to stand in another to get our tickets for what we want to do. In a couple weeks I'll be in Chicago for Adepticon. I know that i have a seat to 4 Painting classes, Playing in 2 tournaments, and 1 RPG. My schedule still gives me time to explore the dealers hall. get in some Demos and pick up games and socialize with old and new friends. We play games that are social. That encourage you to talk with the people you are playing with. I have heard the idea that you meet new people and make friends standing in line. That might be the case for some people. I just get grumpy. I make friends and have a good memories when I'm rolling dice.

    I am looking forward Unplugged 2020, I'm hoping things continue to improve but please do something improve the prereg, I wanna do all the stuff.

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