Missing Indoor Cat - Please Help!

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My indoor cat bolted as we were approaching my apartment. I typically hold her in my arms and either carry her to the car or from the car and it never became an issue. Even as we go through TSA during my travels, I could tell that she gets nervous but she holds on to me dearly. This time though, it was different. As we were walking up the stairs, my neighbor was walking down and said, 'Oh, how cute!' referrinbg to my cat. My cat started hissing (I've never heard her hiss before) and then started stretching to get away while hissing aggressively. We ended up on the floor and I tried to hold onto to her to not let her get away and then she bit my hand really hard which shocked me and for a second I let go but that was enough for her to get away from my grip. As I reached to grab her again, it was just too late. She bolted towards the apartment but my door was closed so she continued straight pass the apartment. I went after her to no avail. She ran around the apartment and my neighbor said my cat went back upstairs which I assumed she went back to try to get back into the apartment but the door was closed. I have been searching for her since. It's been two days now. I've put up flyers and my neighbors keep texting me a picture of the neighborhood cat who seems to be all over the place and I'm sure that cat is wondering why people keep taking pics of him. My cat is skittish so I am sure she is hiding somewhere. I've looked in the bushes surrounding my apartment building, the townhouse that is under construction next door, early during the morning I've looked in the first floor patios of the apartments in my community and still no sign of her. I've left the trunk open of my SUV hoping she would hop in and hide under the seats (she likes to do that). I've left her litter box outside the first day but since there are a couple of outdoor cats in the area, I decided not to do that so I won't attract the outdoor cats that could be territorial and alert them of my cat that is now outside in the area. Can anyone please share their experiences of losing and finding their indoor cats? I've purchased a humane cat trap along with a couple of wildlife cameras to put up in and around the apartment building. I plan on expanding my search into the nearby homes starting tomorrow. I've also left my door cracked open in case she braves it and decides to return home. That way, she could enter the apartment no matter what time of the day it is. There is a heavy barricade behind the door so no one can push it open to try and get into the apartment. My next door neighbors are also aware so they also keep an eye out for me knowing that I leave my door cracked open day and night. This is such a heartbreaking experience. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    I helped a neighbor catch her indoor cat. The cat was outside her house near the ac unit after a few days. Talk to your across the street and behind the house neighbors and ask them to call you if they see your cat around. Go a few houses down and keep hope.

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    I've had to use the humane trap to catch one of mine before (an ex-feral who is extremely skittish), a couple of times. It can take a few days, depending on how hungry they get. It's hard to lure them in, but the traps do work. If she's an indoor cat she might not be very good at hunting, so hopefully that might tempt her home, or to the trap, sooner rather than later. Just keep an eye on it in case you accidentally trap another cat (I've had that happen before too).

    I'd still leave out the litter box, although I understand why you're reluctant.

    Fingers crossed, I hope she's home soon.

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    I just found her! Thanks for posting a reply! :-)

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    Ya gotta love a happy ending

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    Ya gotta love a happy ending

    Fitting username for this comment...

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    I'm so glad you found your kitty!

    In future, if you have to transport your kitty from the car to your apartment again, you may want to use a harness and leash just for "insurance." Like this:


    Obviously your cat doesn't sound like the type to actually want to have a walk with such a leash, but it can just be a safety measure - if the cat tries to run and/or bite you next time, you'll have the leash wrapped around your hand so the can't won't get far. And since it's a harness, the can't won't be choked by it or anything.

    Something to consider!

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    I've used a leash when on a long car trip as a just in case, but it's always better to use a carrier. It protects you and the cat. Less chance an excited dog becomes a trip to the ER for you, or an injured or lost cat.

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    Gold_Lux wrote: »
    I just found her! Thanks for posting a reply! :-)

    It's great to hear you got your cat back, but now there's the matter of the pet tax.
    The forum requires photos of your cat so we can all ooh and awwww over the majestic fur beast.

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    Well except what see317 said. That guy's always wrong.
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    I am reporting this thread for no cat tax payment.

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    I am reporting this thread for no cat tax payment.

    We'll have to remember for next time: pet tax first, then help the scared pet owner.

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    Well except what see317 said. That guy's always wrong.
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    At the very least, half up front.

    Who knows, maybe one of us will see the cat in question.

    We can't rule it out, it's in their best interest to provide us guidance so we can do the same.

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