Latinx Lounge & PAX Together

nsykesdotconsykesdotco Registered User new member
As PAX South is frequently a testing ground for new PAX content (a la True Dungeon), it seems the good folks in management have introduced a variety of new areas this year in San Antonio.


Latinx Lounge: A celebration of Latinx cultures and contributions to gaming! In collaboration with @LatinosInGaming we have created a dedicated space for Latinx gamers and developers to play games and find out more about the industry. Made possible thanks to LatinxInGaming, Red Bull, Twitch, and Microsoft.

PAX Together: Highlighting diverse developers and gaming community groups, PAX Together is a showcase area for games developed by individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, and highlighting various community groups active in the space. Made possible thanks to Red Bull.

I have an unhealthy obsession with collecting PAX signs and banners.


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    FUNCHOMCLALAFUNCHOMCLALA Registered User regular
    I was actually thinking of becoming involved in PAX Together but then I got into the regular showcase. Possibly I could become involved somehow next year.

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