I'm sick and miserable, so show me puppies or landscapes or whatever.

LarsLars Registered User regular
Ah, the holidays, when families come together to share all their germs with one another. Except this year apparently my family pulled a Captain Planet and had all their germs combine into a military-rank germ that promptly tackled me to the ground and began punching me in the face.

It's one of those debilitating colds that would knock an anime character on their ass and force the tsundere love interest to reluctantly take care of them. Except I'm around forty-years-old and my wife has to work so it's just me here during the day.

A steady stream of mucus is constantly coming out of my nose to the extent that I'm pretty sure I've opened some sort of worm hole in there because how else could it all fit? I cough so much my throat is raw and sometimes lightly bleeding. I get chills so bad that soaking in a hot bath doesn't stop the shivers. My stomach is perpetually upset so I'm living on a diet of the blandest of the bland. My body was already half useless before this, but this fucking sucks.

I'm on prescription meds now, but it still hasn't gone away. It hurts to move, it hurts to read...

So I want to look at pretty pictures. Show me puppies. Or kittens. Or ducks. Or mountains majesty. Or cool space shit. Or yourself. Or your kickass collection of whatever. Or bad things happening to Republicans. Whatever works.


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