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Design Cinema series - Feng Zhu

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Design Cinema - EP 101 - Sketching 101 1:14:24

The ability to communicate with hand-drawn sketches is a fundamental skill that all designers should possess. For episode 101, Feng brings the series back to its roots and focus on the basics of sketching.

This episode starts by separating various subject matters by drawing difficulty. Next, Feng takes one of the easier subjects (tree roots), and breaks down the steps from initial rough layout to final presentation with line-weights and marker wash.

Finally, Feng shares his tips on best body position for sketching, wacom settings and Photoshop brush creation.

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    Design Cinema - EP 102 - Intro to Digital Painting 1:09:28

    Digital painting is a broad term. Too many students tend to jump into Photoshop and attempt to emulate what they see online, without first understanding the fundamentals. Instead of focusing on brush types, layer settings and other PS tricks, Feng discusses the basics of lighting and value.

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    Design Cinema - Episode 103 - Intro to Design 1:10:27

    In this Star Wars special episode of Design Cinema, Feng shares his approach for adopting design languages to existing IPs.

    Feng uses the 1977 Star Wars and the 1998 Japanese anime series, Cowboy Bebop, as product examples. He raises the questions: “What if you were hired to design for these projects? What would you do?”

    Follow along as Feng breaks down the design processes and explains the importance of each step.

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    Design Cinema - Episode 104 - Environmental Composition 1:45:28

    In this episode, Feng covers 3 fundamental rules for achieving professional level environmental compositions. First is choosing a good camera position. Second, selecting the correct FOV or lens. Finally, staging the scene with the foreground, mid-ground and background elements.

    Design Cinema - Episode 105 - Time Management 50:55

    When learning, it’s important to push yourself to finish projects and meet deadlines. In this episode, Feng breaks down a drawing into 3 manageable days and focuses on the importance of day 1. The goal is to find your design by the first day. This will bring down the overall stress level and give you plenty of time to add polish and details.

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