Poodle seizures after rabie shot

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My Standard Poodle very healthy no problems. Got a rabie shot on Thursday and Sunday night fell down the flight of steps and we think she had a seizure. Took her to vet hospital. Said everything OK. Tuesday night another seizure. Rushed her again to her vet. Blood work another check up. Looks good. Negative! Taking urine sample to doctors today. Doctor said rabie shot will not cause seizure. Has anyone ever have this problem. We’re so sad 😢


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    The rabies vaccine CAN cause seizures. It's not common, but it's not especially rare either (there's more variables and less robust studies with dogs, but the reaction is considered "uncommon to rare," which is defined as lower than 1/1,000 but higher than 1/10,000. Starting after a shot doesn't mean it was caused by it, but clean blood and urine tests rule out some alternatives.

    My first thought is get a new vet, and get a plan in place to better document one of her seizures - the worst thing about getting seizures diagnosed is that the doctor often never gets to see symptoms that might be a dead giveaway to a trained eye, and video can literally save a life.

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    Magic PinkMagic Pink Tur-Boner-Fed Registered User regular
    We lost our last dog to this very thing. It's REALLY serious and dump that fucking doctor. Rabies vaccines absolutely causes seizures in some dogs.

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